TS Inter 1st Year English Model Paper Set 8 with Solutions

Thoroughly reviewing TS Inter 1st Year English Model Papers Set 8 helps in understanding the examiner’s expectations.

TS Inter 1st Year English Model Paper Set 8 with Solutions

Time: 3 Hours 15 Minutes
Maximum Marks: 100

Section – A

Question 1.
Annotate ANY TWO of the following in about 100 words. 2 × 4 = 8M
a) And she was cross. She said go ask the guy who keeps gardening things.
b) It is not the case only with the coals, Mrs. Bouncer, but I’ve lately observed a gradual and steady increase of evaporation among my candles, wood, sugar, and matches.
c) Her intentions are evidently good as she has planted trees rich in biodiversity.
a) Introduction : This sentence is taken from the prose piece, Father, Dear Father written by Raj Kinger. Actually this is an article published in the English daily, The Hindu.

Context & Explanation : Rahul has an unpleasant experience with his Biology teacher. When his rose plant is attacked by pests he seeks advice of his teacher to save his plant. But, the teacher gets irritated as she thinks it a question out of their syllabus and asks him to approach a gardener for advice. The teacher serves as a warning to all those teachers who do not show any interest or reverence towards their profession. Therefore, Rahul criticizes such an education system ’ which curbs independent thinking and encourages blind adherence to whatever the teacher teaches.

Critical Comment : Here, Rahul narrates the incident of his biology teacher not able to help him with a practical science related problem.

b) Introduction: We come across these interesting words in Box and Cox, a one-act play written by John Maddison Morton.

Context & Explanation : Mrs. Bouncer a greedy landlady, rents out her room to two persons at the sametime, without letting one know of the other person. They are Mr. Box, the printer and the other man, Mr. Cox. Mr. Box works all night and lives here only during the day. Mr. Cox is employed in a hat shop where he spends all day. Thus, Mrs. Bouncer manages to ensure that they do not meet each other in the room. But, they suspect something is wrong there. They notice their things being used up by others. The given words from Cox complain about this loss of things. It speaks alot about Cox’s nature.

Critical Comment : Here, Mr. Cox addresses these words to Mrs. Bouncer.

c) Introduction : These are the concluding words taken from the internet – based article, The Green Champion-Thimmakka. It describes her magnificent achievements in preserving the environment.

Context & Explanation: Thimmakka and her husband started planting saplings and nurturing them as their own children. Even after the death of her husband, she pursuded her mission with the same determination and courage. She is 100 plus now and still cherishes the dream of planting more trees. She continues her fight against deforestation. Her contributions are truly remarkable. She proves that age is not a big problem if we aspire to do anything. So, she is a true inspiration to us to have good intentions towards society. Please plant a sapling and make the world a better place for our children. Even thousand mile journey begins with a single step.

Critical Comment : The words describe her passion for planting trees and expanding her mission.

TS Inter 1st Year English Model Paper Set 8 with Solutions

Question 2.
Annotate ANY TWO of the following in about 100 words. 2 × 4 = 8M
a) You may succeed with another blow.
b) O my Luve’s like a red, red rose.
That’s newly sprung in June.
c) It is not growing like a tree.
In bulk, doth make Man better be;
a) Introduction : This optionistic line is taken four the inspirational poem, ‘Keep Going’, written by Edgar Albert Guest. He was very well-known as a people’s poet. The poem is universally acknowledged as one of the best inspirational poems.

Context & Explanation : This simple inspirational poem speaks volumes about the need to keep going, despite difficulties in life. If openly admits that life may be a mixture of more pains and less pleasures. But, one must continue with one’s effort till success greets one. It is because you may succeed the next time. So, you try again and don’t give up even if you fail many times. If another blow fails, try another and another. But, stop not.

Critical Comment : The poem encourages and inspires the reader to keep on the effort till the goal is attained.

b) Introduction : This couplet is taken from the poem, A Red Red Rose written by Robert Burns. It is one of the best lyrics of English poetry. It blends the eternity of love with the mortality of life.

Context & Explanation : The poet begins by using a simile to com¬pare his love to a rose. In other words, his love is like a flower that has just bloomed in June. His love is fresh and is bursting with life. His feelings are very profound.

Critical Comment : It is an address to the speaker’s lover to whom he swears eternal love and loyalty.

c) Introduction: These are the opening lines of the impressive poem, ‘The Noble Nature’ written by Ben Jonson. He is regarded as the second most popular of English dramatists, after Shakespeare.

Context & Explanation : The poet employs examples from flora to drive home his point. He straight away introduces the main idea how to become a better man. But, mere bulk doesn’t make one great. Smartness, even in small measure, impresses and impacts everyone. Neither long life nor large size can help one attain nobility. Quality counts more than quantity. Motherwords, matter matters, not the magnitude!. To explain this, the poet compares man to both an Oak tree and a Lily.

Critical Comment : The poem seeks to explain what makes Man noble in his life.

Question 3.
Answer ANY TWO of the following questions in about 100 words each. 2 × 4 = 8M
a) How do the two types of persons react to an overcast morning ?
b) Why did Dr. Bannister feel that the moment of the lifetime had come ?
c) “………………. So that I’m getting double rent for my room, and neither of my lodgers is any the wiser for it” says Mrs. Bouncer. Is she right in her estimate of her lodgers ? Support your answer with details.
a) Booker T Washington’s addresses are very forceful explanations of character building. In his speech Two Sides of Life he describes how people react to an overcast morning. To a person who constantly looks at the dark side of things in life, the morning appears gloomy, dull and the streets full of muddy water. Everything looks disagreeable to him. Whereas for a person who always looks at the bright side of things in life, the morning appears beautiful in all aspects. He speaks of the beauties in the rain drops, of the freshness in the newly bathed flowers, shrubs and trees.

b) Bannister was the first man to run the race of one mile in 3 minutes 59.4 seconds. In this essay,he narrates his eventual victory of the race. He says that there was no force from anyone to make him participate in this running race. It is entirely his own decision. He passed the half mile in 1 minute 58 seconds. Later, he had to run the last lap in 59 seconds. He felt a moment of mixed joy and anguish. His mind raced, well ahead of his body. It drew his body compellingly forward them, he felt that the moment of life time had come. There was no worry. He felt confidence in his success. It because there was only 200 yards of track under his feet. He realized that he was going to create a record of life time.

c) John Maddison is an English playwright. His play Box and Cox is a one-act farce. It is hilarious. It has just three characters. Mrs. Bouncer is a greedy landlady. She rents out her room to two persons at the same time. The tenants, Box and Cox do not know it. It shows her greediness.

She boasts of her capital idea. She feels that neither of her lodgers finds it. Even though she feels like that she is always in tremble of fear. Initially, she may succeed in deceiving them for a while we can observe it when she gives various excuses when they suspect something is wrong. In order to escape from their doubts, she gets busy to put things out of their notice. That is why they fail to know her deceptive nature. Later, they come to know her deceitful dealings. Thus, her estimate of her lodgers is not completely right.

TS Inter 1st Year English Model Paper Set 8 with Solutions

Question 4.
Answer ANY TWO of the following questions in about 100 words each. 2 × 4 = 8M
a) Explain the narrator’s experience in finding out what happiness is.
b) How does the poem, ‘The Beggar’ describe the farmer’s pathetic physical condition?
c) If may be near when it seems afar; what seems after and why ?
a) The poem ‘Happiness’ is written by Carl Sandburg. It conveys a beautiful message. It is extracted from his collection of poems. Chicago songs. The poem is an expression of the narrator’s search for the meaning of happiness and his ultimate realization.

The narrator seeks to know what happiness is. He enquires with many professors but in vain. Even, the top executives are consulted, but to no avail. One Sunday afternoon, he wanders along a river. There, he sees a group of Hungarians with their women and children under the trees. They are spending happy moments there. He at once understands what happiness is. Happiness is living in the present. It is not wealth or success or fame.

b) The poem, The Beggar, by Dr. Ammangi Venugopal portrays the pathetic condition of farmers. It depicts the difficulties farmers face in a touching way. The poet talks about, the farmer as ‘my farmer’. It shows that the poet also belongs to the family of a farmer. So, he describes the pitiable physical position of farmers. It forms an important part of the poem. It identifies farmers with dark eyes that are filled with the shadows of their struggles and sufferings. Their backs are bent with burden. Their hands are soiled and severed. Their feet bleed. Yet, their ability to produce food and satisfy other’s hunger remains fully active. They work hard and help others. Yet, they struggle to survive. They starve. Their stomachs get no food. They suffer from empty stomachs. Their faces are filled with wretchedness. Thus the reader is forced to understand and sympathise with farmers.

c) Edgar Albert Guest is very popular as a people’s poet. His poem, Keep Going, keeps on advising the reader never to quit. It encourages the reader to keep on the struggle till the goal is attained. Sometimes, a goal situated near may appear far often when eyes are tired because of exhaustion. You may think that you are not going to succeed, yet you are close to success. Therefore, you must continue with your efforts till success greets you. Life is a fight. It will often present you with pain or hardships. You may be hit with many challenges. You should not lose the fighting spirit. Don’t quit and go through your hardships. Success is yours. Sure ! thus, the poem inspires us to acheive our goals.

Question 5.
Answer ANY TWO of the following questions in about 100 words each. 2 × 4 = 8M
a) Write a paragraph on how Alan and his parents felt excited when he was chosen to play for the school cricket match.
b) “The years have taught you wisdom …. surely it must be so”, remarked the fairy. Is she right ? Explain.
c) Describe the result of the declaration by the “Mohathemeem”.
a) Arthur Henry Mee is famous as an eminent educator and journalist. His short story “Playing the Game” is at once didactic and entertaining. Its gripping narration offers a pleasant reading experience. Alan is the lead character. He was a schoolboy. He loved cricket. His parents supported and encouraged him. Alan’s father actually helped Alan practise bowling. He commented that Alan was shaping as a good bowler. Then, Alan was selected to play in his school team. That was a well deserved opportunity. Hence Alan felt excited. That made Alan’s parents doubly excited. That is just natural and justifiable on their part.

b) The short story “The Five Boons of Life” is a bundle of boons in learning. Mark Twain shows us how difficult it is to select from among options. The story also exposes the deceptive nature of appearances. The fairy presents to the youth her five boons. They are : “Fame, Love, Riches, Pleasures and Death”. She asks him to be careful in his selection. She adds that only one of them is valuable. The youth falters and chooses ‘Pleasures’. He regrets his choice. Then he opts for ‘Love’. He feels sad about his wrong decision. Then, the fairy says that years must have taught him wisdom. Yes, experience is the best teacher. But the youth stays a bad learner. So, he hasn’t picked up any wisdom.

c) Suravaram’s social story, “Sanghala Panthulu”, presents the pathetic plight of Ramasagaram villagers. Elanaaga translated this moving Telugu story into English. The police went on exploiting the innocent villagers ruthlessly. Sandhala Panthulu came to the rescue of the poor. The police were angry with Panthulu. When they tried to arrest Panthulu, a good number of youth revolted against the police. The police complained against them. The Mohathemeem came to enquire into the incident. He found the police were guilty. He declared the dismissal, suspension and scaling down of different police personnel. The villagers felt happy. Their joy knew no bounds. Feasts followed, justice prevailed.

TS Inter 1st Year English Model Paper Set 8 with Solutions

Section – B

Question 6.
Read the following passage carefully and answer ANY FOUR questions given after it in a word or a sentence each. 4 × 1 = 4M
The fairy came, bringing again four of the gifts, but Death was wanting. She said:
T gave it to a mother’s pet, a little child. It was innocent, but trusted me, asking me to choose for it. You did not ask me to choose.”
“Oh, miserable me ! What is left for me ?”
“What not even you have deserved: the wanton insult of Old Age.”

i) The fairy brought the gift, Death too. Say Yes or No.
ii) Who does the word I refer to ? ,
iii) What did the fairy give little child ?
iv) What is the epithet used to describe the little child ?
v) The man didn’t repose faith in the fairy. Write true or false.
vi) What was left for the man ?
i) No
ii) The word I refers to the fairy.
iii) Death
iv) a mother’s pet
v) true
vi) not even what he deserved; the wanton insult of old age

Question 7.
Read the following passage carefully and answer ANY FOUR questions given after it in a word or a sentence each. 4 × 1 = 4M
A woman is a full circle. Within her is the power to create, nurture and transform, goes a glorious compliment, highlighting woman’s power. Then, if many women are at the helm of a village, can you imagine the degree of transformation ? A lively example is unfolding itself at Madhavaram village of Suryapet district. With the initiative from the sons of the soil like Sri Koti Reddy, Superintendent of Police, Ram Sudheer, School Assistant (Teacher), the entire village Panchayat was unanimously occupied by an all-women team.

Besides, women’s committees were formed for each important village development activity like education, health, drinking water and sanitation. Ms Vijayafakshmi, Sarpanch and Ms Janakamma, Vice-Sarpanch were all smiles when asked about their achievements in a short span of time. The long list includes a library, purified water, a gymnasium, English Medium Sections in ZP School, greenery etc. Their honesty in admitting that their move towards prohibition of liquor still awaits results stuns everyone. The village serves as a model, showcasing women’s power.

i) Frailty, thy name is woman, says Shakespeare. But, what does this passage say in this regard ? (Frailty means weakness.)
ii) Mention the unique feature of Madhavaram’s present panchayat.
iii) What do other all-women committees have for their function ?
iv) Why were the Sarpanch and Vice-Sarpanch all smiles ?
v) Which particular area still awaits satisfactory progress ?
vi) What does the village seek to showcase ?
i) power, thy name is woman.
ii) It is occupied by an all-women team.
iii) education, health, drinking water, sanitation, etc.
iv) as they recorded many achievements in a short span of time
v) the prohibition of liquor
vi) women’s power

Section – C

[Note : Answers of this section must be written at one place in the same Serial Order.]

Question 8.
Match ANY EIGHT of the following words in Column – A with their meanings in Column – B. 8 × 1/2 = 4M

Column A Column B
i) resistance a) silence
ii) pounce b) suffering, agony
iii) flutter c) surround, cover
iv) anguish d) natural, on the spot
v) haven e) dared
vi) spontaneous f) refusal to obey; opposition
vii) lull g) confuse, puzzle
viii) ventured h) move lightly and quickly, tremble
ix) engulf i) safe place
x) bewilder j) jump, leap


Column A Column B
i) resistance f) refusal to obey; opposition
ii) pounce j) jump, leap
iii) flutter h) move lightly and quickly, tremble
iv) anguish b) suffering, agony
v) haven i) safe place
vi) spontaneous d) natural, on the spot
vii) lull a) silence
viii) ventured e) dared
ix) engulf c) surround, cover
x) bewilder g) confuse, puzzle

TS Inter 1st Year English Model Paper Set 8 with Solutions

Question 9.
Identify the parts of speech of ANY EIGHT of the following underlined words. 8 × 1/2 = 4M
Box : Stop ! (1) Can you (2) inform (3) me who (4) the individual (5) is that I invariably (6) encounter (7) going downstairs when I’m coming up (8), and (9) coming upstairs (10) when I’m going down ?
1) stop – verb
2) you – pronoun
3) inform – verb
4) who – pronoun
5) individual – noun
6) invariably – adverb
7) encounter – verb
8) up – adverb
9) and – conjunction
10) upstairs – adverb

Question 10.
Fill ANY EIGHT of the following blanks with a, an or the. 8 × 1/2 = 4M
It is not _____ (1) _____ case only with _____ (2) _____ coals, Mrs. Bouncer, but I’ve lately observed _____ (3) _____ gradual and steady increase of evaporation among my candles, wood, sugar and matches.

Why _____ (4) _____ gentleman who has got _____ (5) _____ attic is hardly ever without _____ (6) _____ pipe in his mouth and there he sits with his feet upon _____ (7) _____ mantelpiece. From _____ (8) _____ appearance of his outward man, I should unhesitatingly set him down as _____ (9) _____ gentleman connected with _____ (10) _____ printing interest.
1) the
2) the
3) a
4) the
5) the
6) a
7) the
8) the
9) a
10) the

Question 11.
Fill in ANY EIGHT of the following blanks with suitable prepositions. 8 × 1/2 = 4M
_____ (1) _____ one and a half laps I was still worrying _____ (2) _____ the pace. Advoice shouting ‘Relax’ penetrated _____ (3) _____ me _____ (4) _____ the noise _____ (5) the crowd.

As we lined up_____ (6) _____ the start I glanced _____ (7) _____ ts he flag again. It fluttered more gently now, and the scene _____ (8) _____ Shaw’s Saint Joan flashed _____ (9) _____ my mind, how she, _____ (10) _____ her desperate moment, waited _____ (11) _____ the wind to change.
1) at
2) about
3) into
4) above
5) of
6) for
7) at
8) from
9) through
10) at
11) for

Question 12.
Fill ANY FOUR of the following blanks with suitable forms of the verbs given in brackets. 4 × 1 = 4M
1. People ……………….. (speak) Telugu in Telangana and Andhra Pradesh.
2. Mary ……………….. (eat) her supper by 7.00 p.m.
3. Don’t disturb ! The child ……………….. (sleep)
4. If I ……………….. (be) a bird, I would fly high in the sky to have a beautiful view of the earth.
5. It is time we ……………….. (start) working hard.
6. If I were you, ……………….. (construct) an independent house.
1) speak
2) will have eaten
3) is sleeping
4) were
5) started
6) would construct

TS Inter 1st Year English Model Paper Set 8 with Solutions

Question 13.
Rewrite ANY FOUR of the following sentences as directed. 4 × 1 = 4M
i) He is buying a TV set at the moment.
(Change the sentence to passive voice.)
ii) Hardik said to Annu, “Go and study.”
(Change the sentence to indirect speech.)
iii) A visitor said to me, “Are there any places worth seeing in Wa- rangal ?”
(Change the sentence to indirect speech.)
iv) For many Indians, cricket gives greater pleasure than football.
(Change the sentence to positive degree.)
v) LIC is one of the most popular insurance companies in India.
(Change the sentence to comparative degree.)
vi) There’s a problem here, …………….. ?
(Add a question tag.)
i) A TV set is being bought by him at the moment.
ii) Hardik asked Annu to go and study.
iii) A visitor asked me if there were any worth seeing places in Warangal.
iv) For many Indians, football doesn’t give as much pleasure as cricket.
v) LIC is more popular than many other insurance companies in India.
vi) isn’t there

Question 14.
Rewrite ANY FOUR of the following sentences correcting the underlined errors. 4 × 1 = 4M
1. If I will Stand on my own legs, my parents will feel happy.
2. If you consult me. I would have advised you what to do.
3. He is visiting the library daily.
4. He walks very fastly.
5. We don’t hardly believe it.
6. They don’t do anything careful.
1. If I stand on my own legs, my parents will feel happy.
2. If you had consulted me, I would have advised you what to do.
3. He visits the library daily.
4. He walks very fast.
5. We don’t believe it./We hardly believe it.
6. They don’t do anything careful.

Question 15.
Supply the missing letters to ANY EIGHT of the following words. 8 × 1/2 = 4M
i) pers_ _de
ii) flu_ _er
iii) p_ _nee
iv) ex_ _ode
v) a_ _empt
vi) br_ _th
vii) hu_ _red
viii) pa_ _ive
ix) co_ _apse
x) thr_ _ten
i) persuade
ii) flutter
iii) pounce
iv) explode
v) attempt
vi) breath
vii) hundred
viii) passive
ix) collapse
x) threaten

TS Inter 1st Year English Model Paper Set 8 with Solutions

Question 16.
Identify the silent consonant letters in ANY EIGHT of the following words. 8 × 1/2 = 4M
i) bustle
ii) although
iii) parliament
iv) fight
v) knee
vi) brought
vii) bomb
viii) could
ix) hymn
x) which
i) bustle – t
ii) although – gh
iii) parliament – r, i
iv) fight – gh
v) knee – k
vi) brought – gh
vii) bomb – b
viii) could – l
ix) hymn – n
x) which – h

Question 17.
Write ANY FOUR of the following transcriptions using ordinary English spelling. 4 × 1 = 4M
TS Inter 1st Year English Model Paper Set 8 with Solutions 1
i) acquaint
ii) attic
iii) horizontal
iv) gridiron
v) curb
vi) vengeance

Question 18.
Circle ANY FOUR of the words that sound different from the other words in that set with regard to the sounds of the bold letters. 4 × 1 = 4M
i) deer feet street
ii) barely money rely
iii) look book door
iv) ant above apple
v) one orange ox
vi) late bat make
i) deer
ii) rely
iii) door
iv) above
v) one
vi) bat

Question 19.
Mention the number of syllables in ANY FOUR of the following words. 4 × 1 = 4M
i) popular
ii) today
iii) side
iv) plant
v) rainwater
vi) condition
i) 3 – trisyllabic
ii) 2 – disyllabic
iii) 1 – monosyllabic
iv) 1 – monosyllabic
v) 3 – trisyllabic
vi) 3 – trisyllabic

TS Inter 1st Year English Model Paper Set 8 with Solutions

Question 20.
a) The pie chart given below shows how people spend their time on smart phones. Convert the information into a paragraph. 1 × 4 = 4M
TS Inter 1st Year English Model Paper Set 8 with Solutions 2
b) The following tree diagram depicts the classification of Vitamins. Present the information in a paragraph.
TS Inter 1st Year English Model Paper Set 8 with Solutions 3
a) Time spent on Smart Phones
Time spent on smart phones is presented in the given pie chart. The lion’s share, i.e. 35% of the time goes to games. Social networking follows games with its share of 29% of the time. Utilities consume 20% time. The share of music and videos is 8%. Others take 5% time. News comes last with just 3% time.
b) Classification of Vitamins
The given tree diagram presents the classification of vitamins. Vitamins are broadly of two types. They are : 1) Soluble vitamins in water and 2) Soluble in fats. Vitamin B and Vitamin C fall in the category of ‘Soluble in water’. Vitamins A, D, E and K (four) belong to the group of vitamins soluble in fat and Vitamin B is sub-divided into Bl, B2, B3, B6 and B12 (five) types.

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