TS 10th Class English Model Paper Set 6 with Solutions

Students can use TS 10th Class English Model Papers Set 6 as a tool for exam preparation.

TS 10th Class English Model Paper Set 6 with Solutions

Time: 3 Hours
Maximum Marks: 80

General Instructions:

  1. Read the question paper carefully.
  2. Answer the questions under Part – A in the answer booklet provided.
  3. Write the answer to the questions under Part – B on the question paper itself.
  4. Avoid overwriting.

Part – A (60 Marks)

(Questions 1 – 4): Read the following passage carefully.

Despite the risk of being bullied, his parents insisted Nick on attending mainstream school. ‘It was the best decision they could have made for me’, adds Nick, who later achieved a degree in Financial Planning and Read Estate. ‘It was very hard but it gave me independence.’

Nick, who was teased and bullied, had an electric wheelchair for mobility and a team of carers to help him.

‘I was deeply depressed when 1 was eight years old.’ He said, ‘I went to my mum crying and told her I wanted to kill myself.’

‘I felt cold and bitter. I hated God for doing this to me and was terrified of what would happen when my parents weren’t there to look after me.’

‘I could brush my own teeth with a wall mounted brush and wash my own hair with pump action soap, but there was so much that was impossible for me.’ (Attitude is Altitude)

Answer each of the following questions in three to four sentences. 4 × 3 = 12 M
Question 1.
Why did Nick hate God ?
Nick was bom as a torso. His friends teased and bullied him. He could not enjoy his life as his friends did. So Nick hated God.

Question 2.
Nick’s parents joined him in mainstream school. Do you support their decision ? Justify your statement.
Yes, I do support the decision of Nick’s parents. The reason is his parents’ decision about his schooling made him independent. It was very hard though.

Question 3.
Do you think Nick’s depression was normal or something unique about him ? Give reasons for your opinion.
I think Nick’s depression was normal. Any person, born like Nick might have the feelings of depression. He was depressed like any other physically challenged person.

Question 4.
Who are carers ? How did a team of carers help Nick ?
Carers are paid helpers who regularly look after elderly or disabled persons. A team of carers would feed, bathe and clothe Nick. They also took him to his school in an electric wheelchair.

TS 10th Class English Model Paper Set 6 with Solutions

(Questions 5 – 8) : Read the following passage.

Overjoyed, the housewife began living with swabbing as the chief mission in her life. She scrubbed the house spotlessly clean at all times and beautifully decorated it with multi – coloured designs. That’s how her life went on, with a sumptuous and ceaseless supply of swabbing clothes and muggu baskets. ”

But one day while scrubbing the floor, the housewife suddenly asked herself, ‘What is my name ?’ The query shook her up. Leaving the mopping cloth and the muggu basket there itself, she stood near the window scratching her head, lost in thoughts. ‘What is my name – What is my name ?’ The house across the road carried a name – board, Mrs. M. Suhasini, Ph.D., Principal, ‘X’ College. Yes, she too had a name as her neighbour did – ‘How; could I forget like that ? In my scrubbing zeal, I have forgotten my name – what shall I do now ?’ The housewife was perturbed. Her mind became totally restless. Somehow she finished her daubing for the day. (What is My Name ?)

Answer each of the following questions in three to four sentences. 4 × 3 = 12 M
Question 5.
What do you think was the reason for her restlessness ?
She had forgotten her name i.e., her identity. She wanted to know who she was. This was the reason for her restlessness.

Question 6.
What would be your reaction, if you were that woman?
I too would have become restless like her. I too would have searched for my certificates and would have done what she did.

Question 7.
What query shook the housewife up ? According to the author what was her state of mind mentioned here ?
‘What is my name’ ? This query shook her up. According to the author, her mind was full of questions.

Question 8.
Pick Three TRUE statements according to the passage.
A) The most important part of housewife’s life is cleaning the house.
B) Her life is busy supplying swabbing clothes and muggy baskets.
C) A principal is one of her neighbours.
D) The housewife does not have a name.
E) Though she was confused she completed all her chores.
A) The most important part of housewife’s life is cleaning the house.
C) A principal is one of her neighbours.
E) Though she was confused she completed all her chores.

(Questions 9 – 12) : Study the table carefully and answer the following questions. 4 × 2 = 8 M
Number of employees in various departments of state government.

S.No. Divisions in State government Percentage of Females Percentage of Males Total no. of Employees
1. Agriculture 42 50 380
2. Electricity 45 62 420
3. Fisheries 26 44 300
4. Roads and Buildings 42 55 450
5. Transport 33 45 380

Now, answer the following questions.

Question 9.
What are the departments listed in the table ?
Agriculture, Electricity, Fisheries, Roads & Buildings and Transport.

Question 10.
How was the percentage of female compared to male?
The working females are less than males in all departments.

Question 11.
In Which departments maximum and minimum employees work ?
Maximum no. of employees – Roads & Buildings (450)
Minimum no. of employees – Fisheries (300)

Question 12.
What do you suggest to increase female employment percentage ?
Education of women, security at work places, giving freedom to choose their careers, moral support from society are some measures to increase female employment percentage.

TS 10th Class English Model Paper Set 6 with Solutions

(Question 13) : Read the passage given below focusing on the parts that are underlined. Answer any 4 of the questions as directed and write them in the answer booklet. 4 × 2 = 8 M

As soon as, he was out of sight, Mani went running to Manda. (i) He wept loudly and beat his chest. Then, he fell on the floor, sobbing and announced, (ii) “The master is dead! (iii) The cart overturned on the road. Our master has been flattened like chapathi !” (iv) As soon as Rajendra’s wife and relatives heard this, they started wailing.

Mani rushed out, saying he would bring’back the body while everyone started preparing for the last rites, (v) Mani now went running to his master and said, “Master your wife is dead. (vi) A cobra hit her and she fell to the ground, as blue as the spring sky.”

Now, complete the following sentences and write them in your answer booklet.
i) Begin the sentence with ‘Beating his ……………….’
ii) Rewrite the sentence beginning with ’Then he announced that ………………….
iii) Combine the two sentences using (because).
iv) No sooner had they ………………
v) Add a question tag.
vi) She was ……………..
i) Beating his chest, he wept loudly.
ii) Then he announced that the master was dead.
iii) Our master has been flattened like chapathi because the cart overturned on the road.
iv) No sooner had they heard this than they started wailing.
v) Mani now went running, didn’t he ?
vi) She was bitten by a cobra.

(Question 14) : 10 M
In the lesson ‘Environment’ you have read the views of Wangari Maathai on environment and its importance. Imagine th at she visited your school. Write a possible conversation between you and Wangari Maathai. (Imagine that you are the reporter of your school magazine.)
You read in the lesson ‘Environment’, about the importance of plantation. Now write a News Report on the closing day ceremony of Haritha Haaram in your school.
You can include the following hints :
i) Venue.
ii) Time & Date.
iii) Welcome address.
iv) H.M’s report.
v) Chief guest speech.
vi) Vote of thanks.
Reporter : Good morning!
Maathai : Good morning!
Reporter : Nice to meet you.
Maathai : Nice to meet you too.
Reporter : May I know a few things from you ?
Maathai : Sure.
Reporter : You are aware of the environment to a large extent. How did it happen ?
Maathai : Gradually I find the people of the rural areas are lacking their minimum needs. From that I understand the importance of rehabilitating the environment.
Reporter : How are peace and good environment related to each other ?
Maathai : When sources are limited, countries begin to fight for them. So if the environ¬ment is not resourceful, peace will be disturbed.
Reporter : How was the environment when you were young ?
Maathai : In my youth, the environment was very fresh and full of resources.
Reporter : What happened when you started working with women ?
Maathai : In the beginning they faced many problems in planting trees. But they became very competent foresters.
Reporter : Do you think you have reached your goal?
Maathai : I think I have reached my goal to some extent because many countries in the world began thinking of the importance of fresh and resourceful environment.
Reporter : What is your message to people ?
Maathai : I strongly say that people should participate actively in creating the resourceful environment which gives us the minimum requirements for life.
Reporter : Thank you for expressing your views on environment.
Maathai : Welcome!


Hyderabad 16th July 2018

Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan Public School.

Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan’s Public School, Jubilee Hills organised the ‘closing day ceremony’ of the ‘Haritha Haaram’ or Plantation programme as initiated by the state government. On July 13, the students and the management participated in the ‘Haritha Haaram’ programme. It inculcated an urge in all of us to save Nature. The school procured free saplings from the GHMC nursery.

The ‘closing ceremony’ started with the free distribution of plants to the students and a few invited parents and guests. The programme started at 10 : 00 a.m. on July 11th in the school premises.

The programme started with the welcome speech by the principal of our school. J.Shyamala Devi and with the Head mistress report on the importance of saving the environment, The guest of the day our school president Mr. Hanumantha Reddy gave a valuable speech on the ‘Haritha Haaram’programme conducted by us.

An oath was administered by our president to motivate students to keep our surroundings green and clean, conserve water, planting more trees and taking care of new ones as well as the existing ones. We did our best to make our school green and created a peaceful ambience by planting more than 250 saplings that day. Our green day concluded with a vote of thanks by our school pupil leader.

Tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today. So, lets become green soldiers and protect our planet.

TS 10th Class English Model Paper Set 6 with Solutions

(Question 15) : 5 M
TYou have read a story of a housewife who has forgotten her name. She forgot her name as she immersed in her household chores. She was always thinking of her scrubbing and muggulu. Finally she came to know her name from her friend, Pramila. When she knew her name, she felt she was given a new life.

Imagine yourself a young lady and write a diary entry on the day she came to know her name.
Thursday, 13th October, 2018
9.00 pm.
Dear Diary,

For the last two days I have been restless in search of knowing my name. Today I felt like a person. My friend indeed gave me a new life. Until my friend Pramila said, I could not remember it. It is a silly thing to forget my name. Now I understood why I had forgotten my name. All the shelves of my mind were filled with only one thing – how well I can scrub the floors. I remembered nothing else. If I had not met her, I would have gone mad. Now I have to do one thing not to forget my name once again; I should demand everybody except my children to call me by name. I should not allow my husband to call me ‘yemoi geemoi’. I should have my identity by my name.

(Question 16) : Study the Pie chart carefully and answer the following questions. 5 M

You are Bhaskar, the Sports Secretary of Z.P. High School, Bhadrachalam. Your school is organising Annual Sports Meet next week. Prepare a poster inviting all to be put up on the school notice board to this effect.

Duration : 21st and 22nd July
Time : 9 am to 5 pm
Venue : Z.P. Hing School, Bhadrachalam
All are requested to make the event successful
Issued by : Bhaskar (Sports Secretary)
Z.P. High School, Bhadrachalam


Part – B (20 Marks)

Instructions :

  1. Answer the questions on the question paper itself and attach it to the answer booklet of Part – A.
  2. Avoiding overwriting.

(Questions 17 – 21) : Read the following Poem.

The Mountain and the Squirrel

The Mountain and the Squirrel
Had a quarrel;
And the former called the latter ’Little Prig’.
Bun replied,
’You are doubtless very big;
But all sorts of things and weather
Must be take in together,
To make up a year
And a sphere.
And I think it no disgrace
To occupy my place.
If I’m not as large as you,
You are not so small as I,
And not half so spry.
I’ll not deny you make,
A very pretty Squirrel track,
Talents differ, all is well and wisely put,
If I cannot carry forests on my back,
Neither can you crack a nut.’ – Ralph Waldo Emerson

Glossary :
Prig : Someone who is considered very annoying
Sphere : (here) Earth
Disgrace : Shame
Spry : Full of life and energy

Now answer the questions. Each question has four choices. Choose the correct answer and write (A), (B), (C) or (D) in the brackets given. 5 × 1 = 5 M

Question 17.
The squirrel conveyed the message that the mountain and the squirrel are …………………. in status.
A) same
B) similar
C) identical
D) equal
D) equal

Question 18.
The mountain and the squirrel had …………………..
A) a friendly discussion
B) a fight
C) a quarrel
D) a discussion
C) a quarrel

Question 19.
The mountain had …………….. for the squirrel
A) respect
B) love
C) ill-feeling
D) fondness
C) ill-feeling

Question 20.
The name ‘Little Prig’ is a ……………….
A) humiliating one
B) interesting one
C) attractive one
D) affectionate one
A) humiliating one

Question 21.
“I think it no disgrace.” – Here the word ‘I’ refers to …………………
A) the mountain
B) the rabbit
C) the hare
D) the squirrel
D) the squirrel

TS 10th Class English Model Paper Set 6 with Solutions

(Questions 22 – 26) : In the following passage, five sentences are numbered and each of them has an error. Correct them and rewrite them in the given space. 5 × 1 = 5 M

(22) The man was surprised with my outburst. (23) He looked to me smiling. (24) ‘I knows all about the game,’ he said. (25) ‘The boys is brothers – my sons’. (26) He pointed to a handsome brown woman on the verandah who had just came out to call in the children. ‘That’s my wife’, he said.
22) ……………. 23) ……………….. 24) ………………. 25) ………………… 26) ………………..
22. The man was surprised at my outburst.
23. He looked at me smiling.
24. ‘I know all about the game’, he said.
25. ‘The boys are brothers – my sons’.
26. He pointed to a handsome brown woman on the yerandah who had just come out to call in the children. ‘That’s my wife’, he said.

(Questions 27 – 31) : Complete the passage choosing the right words from those given below. Each blank is numbered and has four choices (A), (B), (C) and (D). Choose the>correct answer and write (A), (B), (C) or (D) in the brackets given. 5 × 1 = 5 M

Thimmakka and Chikkanna were a selfless couple. The sincere efforts and hard work that they put into …………….. (27) the trees along the highway benefitted all the people. Many people criticised and discouraged ……………….. (28) dream of growing trees for such a long stretch ……………….. (29), they believed in themselves and carried on with their plan. Though their efforts ………………. (30) recognized many years later, their ………………….(31) action will be remembered forever.

Question 27.
A) grew
B) growing
C) grow
D) grown
C) grow

Question 28.
A) there
B) their
C) his
D) her
B) their

Question 29.
A) But
B) And
C) Hence
D) From
A) But

Question 30.
A) is
B) was
C) were
D) has
C) were

Question 31.
A) thought
B) think
C) thoughtful
D) thoughts
C) thoughtful

TS 10th Class English Model Paper Set 6 with Solutions

(Questions 32 – 36): Read the following passage with focus on the underlined parts. Answer them as directed in the space given. 5 × 1 = 5 M

I saw it now. It was indeed a game, a game I had played as a children (32). Each boy took it in turn every alternate day to be the boss, the other the slave (33). It had been great fun to me as a youngster. I smiled as I remembered. I looked towards (34) the man standing by the gate. He was a white man. I remembered what I had thought yesterday. He, no doubt, I thought to myself, was won¬dering if the black race is superior (35) to the white. I laughed gently to myself. How silly grown-ups are, how clever we are, how wonderfully able we are, to impute deep motives to child (36) actions ! This man, I said to myself, will puzzle all day on whether the blacks will eventually rise and rule the world because he thinks he sees a little black boy realizing at a tender age his superiority over the white. I will save him from his puzzle. I will explain it to him. I went across to him.

Questions :
32. Replace the underlined word with a suitable one.

33. Write the word that is opposite in meaning of the underlined word.

34. Replace the underlined preposition with a correct one.

35. Write the word that has the same meaning of the underlined word.

36. Replace the underlined word with a suitable one.

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