AP Inter 1st Year Physics Model Paper Set 1 with Solutions

Thoroughly analyzing AP Inter 1st Year Physics Model Papers Set 1 helps students identify their strengths and weaknesses.

AP Inter 1st Year Physics Model Paper Set 1 with Solutions

Time: 3 Hours
Maximum Marks: 60

Section – A (10 × 2 = 20 Marks )

Note :

  • Answer all questions.
  • Each question carries two marks.
  • All are very short answer type questions.

Question 1.
What is the discovery of C. V. Raman ?

Question 2.
Distinguish between fundamental units and derived units.

Question 3.
Is it necessary that a mass should be present at the centre of mass of any system ?

Question 4.
What happens to the coefficient of friction if the weight of the body is doubled ?

Question 5.
Why are spokes provided in a bicycle wheel ?

Question 6.
When two right angled vectors of magnitude 7 units and 24 units combine, what is the magnitude of their resultant ?

AP Inter 1st Year Physics Model Paper Set 1 with Solutions

Question 7.
Why are drops and bubbles spherical ?

Question 8.
What is angle of contact ?

Question 9.
What are the lower and upper fixing points in Celsius and Fahrenheit scales ?

Question 10.
Define absorptive power of a body. What is the absorptive power of a perfect black body ?

Section – B (6 × 4 = 24 Marks)

Note :

  • Answer any six questions.
  • Each question carries four marks.
  • All are short answer type questions.

Question 11.
Show that the trajectory of an object thrown at certain angle with the horizontal is a parabola.

Question 12.
Mention the methods used to decrease friction.

Question 13.
Define strain energy and derive the equation for the same.

Question 14.
A car travels the first third of a distance with a speed of 10 kmph, the second third at 20 kmph and the last third at 60 kmph. What is its mean speed over the entire distance ?

Question 15.
What is orbital velocity ? Obtain expression for it.

Question 16.
In what way is the anomalous behaviour of water advantageous to aquatic animals ?

AP Inter 1st Year Physics Model Paper Set 1 with Solutions

Question 17.
Define angular velocity (ω). Derive v = rω.

Question 18.
What is the ratio of r.m.s. speed of Oxygen and Hydrogen molecules at the same temperature ?

Section – C (2 × 8 = 16 Marks)

Note :

  • Answer any two of the following questions.
  • Each question carries eight marks.
  • All are long answer type questions.

Question 19.
What are collisions ? Explain the possible types of collisions. Develop the theory of one dimensional elastic collision.

Question 20.
Define Simple Harmonic Motion. Show that the motion of (point) projection of a particle performing uniform circular motion on any diameter is simple harmonic motion.

Question 21.
State Second Law of Thermodynamics. How heat engine is different from a Refrigerator ?

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