AP 10th Class English Model Paper 2023 with Solutions

Consistent practice with AP 10th Class English Model Papers and AP 10th Class English Board Model Paper 2023 helps in understanding the exam pattern better.

AP SSC English Model Paper 2023 with Solutions

Time : 3.15 hours
Max. Marks: 100


  1. The question paper has 35 questions in three sections (A, B and C)
  2. Answer all the questions on a separate answer hook supplied to you.
  3. 15 minutes of time is allotted exclusively for reading the question paper and 3 hours for writing the answers.
  4. Answer all the questions of SECTION – B (Grammar & Vocabulary) in the same order at one place in your answer hook.

Section – A : Reading Comprehension

(Questions 1 – 5) : Read the following passage carefully.

One important fallout of this friendship was the establishment of Chitrabani, a communication and film institute/the first of its kind in West Bengal, which Roberge founded in 1970 and to which Ray, as a token of friendship/lent his name as co-founder. Ray was in the first governing body and after a few terms readily agreed to be the institute’s adviser. Roberge arranged most of the initial funding from Canadian agencies. “I had no reservations applying for them, for I feel richer countries in the West are indebted to countries like India,” he said.

For 26 years Roberge was the director of Chitrabani and under him the institute not only produced important documentary features, but also became breeding ground for local talent for film-making ………………..
(Rendezvous with Ray)

Now, answer the following questions. (5 × 2 = 10 M)

Question 1.
Whose friendship was referred in the passage?
Ray and Roberge.

Question 2.
What was Chitrabani?
A communication and film institute.

Choose the right option from the choices given for each question.

Question 3.
How was Ray connected to Chitrabani?
A) Ray was the founder.
B) Ray was the co-founder and adviser.
C) Ray was the director.
(B) Ray was the co-founder and adviser.

Question 4.
Who made the initial funding for Chitrabani?
A) Canadian agencies
B) India
C) West-Bengal
(A) Canadian Agencies

Question 5.
How did Roberge use Chitrabani?
A) Roberge made massive films.
B) Roberge directed Ray’s films in Chitrabani.
C) Roberge produced documentary films.
(C) Roberge produced documentary films.

AP SSC English Model Paper 2023 with Solutions

(Questions 6 – 8) : Read the following stanza carefully.

There in the West the song thrush warbles
She weaves her nest to hold her clutch
A long wait now to find a partner
The eggs are laid, there are not much.
These chicks could be the last ones ever
The last to fly and sing and mate.
Our grandchild knows the song thrush never
Or will the dreamer wake? (Or Will the Dreamer Wake?)

Choose the correct answers to the following questions.

Question 6.
Why did the song thrush weave a nest?
A) to hold her eggs
B) to live with her partner
C) to sing and play with her chicks
(A) to hold her eggs

Question 7.
Why could the chicks be last ones ever?
A) Because they fly, sing and mate
B) Because the eggs are many.
C) Because their number is decreasing.
C) Because their number is decreasing.

Question 8.
Who may not know of song thrush forever?
A) Grand child
B) Dreamer
C) Chicks
A) Grand child

AP SSC English Model Paper 2023 with Solutions

(Questions 9 – 10) : Read the following passage carefully.

“They came on a Wednesday”, said Sunday, “Many, many big lorries. They took all day unloading them. No one told us what was in them. They gave the Chief a brown paper bag. I saw him smiling as the lorries drove away.This was five years ago.Then three months ago, one of the brightest boys in the village – Thomas Agonyo – started a university in Lagos. He came.home one weekend with a new chemistry book, and spent all day looking at the drums and writing things down and talking to himself and shaking his head. We all thought he had gone mad.Then he called a meeting of the village and told us that the drums contained poisonous chemicals. He said they had come from Italy.
(Koko village, Nigeria)

Choose the appropriate answer from the options given: (2 × 2 = 4 M)

Question 9.
How did the young boy know about the poisonous chemicals ?
A) He brought the drums from Europe.
B) He studied about the chemicals in his university.
C) He talked to the Chief.
(B) He studied about the chemicals in his university.

Question 10.
Why did Sunday Nana and others think the boy was mad ?
A) Because he started a university.
B) Because he called a meeting to tell about the Chief and drums.
C) Because he always talked to himself looking all day at the drums.

(Questions 11 – 15) : Study the following poster. (5 × 2 = 10 M)

AP SSC English Model Paper 2023 with Solutions 1

Now, answer the following questions.

Question 11.
What is the name of the exhibition?
The name of the exhibition is Hastakala.

Question 12.
Who is conducting the exhibition?
Manya Art & Craft Association.

Question 13.
Who makes the sales in the exhibition?
A) Artisans
B) Manya showroom
C) People of Karnataka
(A) Artisans

Question 14.
How many days is the sale conducted?
A) 14 days
B) 11 days
C) 24 days
B) 11 days

Question 15.
Pick out the right statement from those given below:
A) The sale is to exhibit the art and culture of different states in India.
B) There is a sale of toys, handlooms, decorative items and books.
C) The sale is conducted for 30 days.
(A) The sale is to exhibit the art and culture of different states in India.

AP SSC English Model Paper 2023 with Solutions

Section – B : Grammar & Vocabulary

Now, Answer all the questions of Section – B in the same order at one place in your answer book.

Question 16.
Combine the following sentences using ‘who’ (2 M)

Victoria is a precocious girl. She loves her grandfather.
Victoria, who is a precocious girl, loves her grandfather.

Question 17.
Change the following sentence into ‘passive voice’. (2 M)
Iyer invited Kalam to dine in his house.
Kalam was invited by Iyer to dine in his house.

Question 18.
Combine the following sentences using ‘Since’. (2 M)
It is very hot today. We cancelled our tour.
Since it is very hot today, we cancelled our tour.

Question 19.
Fill in the blanks with suitable preposition / prepositional phrases given in the brackets. (2 × 1 = 2 M)

a) Madhu got a good job _____________ his own abilities and skills. (in addition to / instead of / by means of)
by means of

b) She listened _____________ (at/to/of) all my problems.

AP SSC English Model Paper 2023 with Solutions

Question 20.
Fill in the blanks with suitable form of verb given in the brackets. (2 × 1 = 2 M)

a) He _____________ (stop) his business as he went into debts.

b) The train _____________ (leave) the station before we reached.
had left

Question 21.
Your sister has passed the written test.
Advise her to get prepared for interview. (2 M)
You should attend the interview well prepared.

Question 22.
Change the following into a polite request. (2 M)

A boy to his teacher : Help me solve this problem.
Could you please help me solve this problem ma’am ?

Question 23.
What do the following sentences mean ? Put a (✓) mark against the right answer. (2 M)

i) I have no money to buy this dress.
A) Expressing ability
B) Making a statement
C) Expressing inadequacy
D) Expressing possibility
C) Expressing inadequacy

ii) You may leave the class.
A) Seeking permission
B) Giving permission
C) Making a request
D) Expressing possibility
B) Giving permission

AP SSC English Model Paper 2023 with Solutions

Question 24.
Read the following paragraph and write the synonyms of the underlined words choosing from the words given in the box. (4 × 1 = 4 M)

(thinking curiously, support, dry grass, movement, restore, eventually)

Many women were saying, “We need food, water and fodder (a) for our animals.” And I was wondering (b) what has happened? The environment had changed; and that’s when I started this campaign (c) to restore the vegetation and rehabilitate (d) the forests.
a) dry grass
b) thinking curiously
c) movement
d) restore

Question 25.
Read the paragraph and match the words under ‘A’ with their antonyms under ‘6’. (4 × 1 = 4 M)

I looked at father’s bare (a) feet. Never having worn shoes, his feet had developed cracks and somehow resembled (b) those of an elephant. I hadn’t noticed (c) that the road was uneven (d).

AP SSC English Model Paper 2023 with Solutions 2

a) 3
b) 1
c) 4
d) 6

Question 26.
Fill in the blanks with right form of Words given in brackets. (4 × 1 = 4 M)

Despite these disadvantages, he _____________ (a) (possess / possessed / possession) great innate _____________ (b) (wise/wisdom/wisely) and a _____________ (c) (true / truth / truly) generosity of _____________ (d) (spiritual / spirituality / spirit).
a) possessed
b) wisdom
c) true
d) spirit

AP SSC English Model Paper 2023 with Solutions

Question 27.
Complete the following spellings with ‘au, ou, ia, (or) ai’. (2 × 1 = 2 M)
Some wars are f – – ght (a) in the world bec – – se (b) the environment is degraded.
a) fought
b) because

Question 28.
Complete the words with correct suffixes given in brackets. (2 × 1 = 2M)
Nick’s father was a computer programm _____________ (er/or) and account _____________ (ant/ent).
a) programmer
b) accountant

Question 29.
Find the wrongly spelt word and write the correct spelling. (2 × 1 = 2 M)

a) arrange mantlepiece appeal delicate

b) friendship message didatic frail

Question 30.
Read the following dictionary entry of the word given below. (2 × 1 = 2 M)

AP SSC English Model Paper 2023 with Solutions 3

Now, answer the following questions.

a) What is the part of speech of the word?

b) Write the meaning of the word, ‘dissuade’.
To persuade somebody to do something

AP SSC English Model Paper 2023 with Solutions

Question 31.
Arrange the following words under the correct headings. (8 × 1/4 = 2 M)

quarrelsome, lazy, reliable, cautious, smart, rude, bossy, trusting

Positive qualities :
1. ___________
2. ___________
3. ___________
4. ___________

Negative qualities :
1. ___________
2. ___________
3. ___________
4. ___________
Positive qualities
1. reliable
2. cautious
3. smart
4. trusting

Negative qualities
1. quarrelsome
2. lazy
3. rude
4. bossy

Question 32.
Match the following one word substitutes in “Part – A” with their meanings in “Part – B” (Write only the number and their corresponding letters in your answer book.) (4 × 1/2 = 2 M)

AP SSC English Model Paper 2023 with Solutions 4

1 – C
2 – E
3 – B
4 – F

AP SSC English Model Paper 2023 with Solutions

Section – C : Creative Expression

Question 33.
A) You have read the lesson, ‘1 will Do It’ of unit 1. Narayana Murthy became a pioneer of Indian Software Industry and was responsible for Information Technology Wave. After his success, the local reporter of Bangalore meets Mr. Murthy to make an interview looking forward to briefing his successful story.
Write a possible conversation between Murthy and the reporter. (10 M)

Reporter : Good evening sir. I am Nilesh from Bangalore Today. I would like to ask you a few questions.
Murthy : It’s my pleasure/ please go ahead.
Reporter : What were your favourite subjects in school ?
Murthy : Physics and Maths were my favourite subjects.
Reporter : Why were they your favourite ?
Murthy : Well, I could grasp the theories of science quite quickly.
Reporter : What was your dream as a student ?
Murthy : Oh! I wanted to study in an IIT college.
Reporter : Did you do your IIT sir ?
Murthy : Unfortunately no. In spite of acquiring a good rank, I couldnot pursue my IIT. But I did pursue my dream.
Reporter : Today, your are an inspiration to many youngsters. You established an MNC and are the pioneer of India’s software industry. How do you feel about Murthy : your achievements ? Definitely, I feel glad about it but there is much more to be achieved.
Reporter : What message would you like to give to youngsters like us ?
Murthy : Well, believe in yourself and pursue your dream with determination.
Reporter : Thank you sir.


B) In the lesson, ‘Environment’, Wangari Maathai was very happy to see the women successful and independent. She could help them become competent and empowered.
Imagine you are Wangari Maathai and make a diary entry about the transformation in the illiterate women.


Dt. xx.xx.xxxx.

Dear Diary,

My joy knows no bounds. I really feel proud today. I wanted to play a key role in protecting the environment. I started planting trees. But I couldn’t do this alone. So I talked to the village women. But they did not know how to plant trees. I told them to treat the seeds of trees like any other seeds. I told them to put seeds in old broken pots and once they grow into seedlings, transplant them on their farms. It was difficult for them in the beginning but they soon gained confidence and became very competent foresters. Now I proudly call them “Foresters without Diplomas”. They understood that it’s their responsibility to rehabiliate to their environment. This transformation of.an ordinary illeterate woman to a confident and empowering woman is very powerful. This is the reason for my happiness.

Wangari Maathai

AP SSC English Model Paper 2023 with Solutions

Question 34.
A) Your school has some children with special needs (C.W.S.N.) in various classes. You, as the School Pupil Leader, collected donations from the village heads, officers and landlords to honour such children and encourage them continue their studies.

On 3rd December, International Day for the Disabled, with the permission of Headmaster and the teachers, you organised a programme in the school and invited the Village President and other elders for the programme.
Write a letter to your friend in another village describing the event. (10 M)


12, New A venue,
4th Lane, NB Pet,
7th Dec, 20xx.

Dear Chandra,

How are you doing, my dear? How are your studies? It’s been a long time since we last met and no news from you till date. I hope this letter finds you in good health. I wish to share something important and inspiring with you through this letter.

Dear Chandra, have you ever pondered how the life a disabled person is? It requires a lot of courage and determination to lead such a life with people around making fun of you. However, their determination to study is unflinching and admirable.

One day I got an idea to organise a programme to encourage and support the disabled students in the school on the International Day for the Disabled. I gathered a team of volunteers to collect donations from the village heads, officers and landlords in our vicinity. The main purpose behind this programme was to honour disabled children and encourage them to continue their studies. I took permission of the Headmaster and teachers and organised a special programme on 3rd December in our school campus. We invited the Village President, parents and other elders for the programme.

With the money from the donations, books, uniforms, equipment and tools required for the disabled students, motorised tricycles, etc. were distributed. We enacted skits, displayed banners, posters etc. and tried our best to create awareness among students about people with disabilities. The happiness of the students with special needs knew no bounds. The programme was a huge success and the Village President appreciated our efforts and promised to support our noble cause. I was extremely happy that everyone admired my initiative. I hope our endeavour will inspire others to volunteer to support the disabled.

Now, I want you to drop a reply to this as soon as you receive my letter. Keep me posted of your updates every now and then. Convey my regards to your parents.
See you soon….

Yours friend,

Address on the envelope :
Chandra P,
DNO 56-42-1,
T Nagar,


B) Write a biographical sketch of Mrs. Sudha Murthy, Chairperson of Infosys Company.
Born : 19 August, 1950 (69 yrs)
Place of Birth : Karnataka, India
Citizenship : Indian
Alma mater : Engineering from B.V.B. College of Engineering & Technology
Masters in Computers in Indian Institute of Science
Spouse : N. R. Narayana Murthy
Children : Rohan and Akshatha
Career : Started as Engineer in TELCO, Pune, started Infosys Foundation (1996), Visiting Professor at PG Center of Bangalore University
Contributions : Literature in Kannada and English, travelogues, novels and books on education, social-worker in empowering women
Awards : Gold medals and cash awards in Education, Millennium Mahila Shiromani award, R. K. Narayana’s Award (2006), PadmaShri
Sudha Murthy, the Chairman of Infosys Company, was bom on 19th August, 1950. She is 69 years old. She was bom in Karnataka, India. She completed her Engineering from BVB College of Engineering & Technology. She did her Masters in Computers in Indian Institute of Science. She is married to Narayana Murthy. The couple have a son, Rohan and a daughter, Akshata.

She started her career as an Engineer in TELCO, Pune. She founded Infosys Foundation, a public charitable trust, in 1996.

She is also a Visiting Professor at PG Centre of Bangalore University. Her contribution to literature is immense. She has written and published many books, articles, travelogues and novels in Kannada and English. They have been translated into many Indian languages. She actively participates in social work for women empowerment and education.

She won ‘Millenium Mahila Shiromani’ award, R.K. Narayana’s award (2006), Padma Sri and many gold medals and cash awards in education.

AP SSC English Model Paper 2023 with Solutions

Question 35.
A) Read the following passage carefully focussing on the underlined parts.

An old tiger ran through the rain looking for shelter (A). He was wet and cold (B) and his cave was far away. While hurrying to his shelter he saw an old hut (C). With a sigh of relief the tiger crawled under the thatched roof and lay down by the door (D). However, he heard something heavy being dragged inside the hut (E).

Now frame ‘WH’ questions to get the underlined parts as answers.
A) What was the tiger looking for ?
B) How was he?
C) What did he see ?
D) What did the tiger do ?
E) What did he hear ?


B) Study the following Bar-diagram and write a paragraph based on the information given in it. 10 M

AP SSC English Model Paper 2023 with Solutions 5

Bar Graph:

The bar graph depicts the average monthly rainfall during January to June 2018. May experiences the the highest rainfall of 70 cm. February occupies next position with 68%. April, January, March and June had 60 cm, 48 cm, 40 cm and 30 cm rainfall respectively. The least rainfall is in the month of January.

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