TS Inter 1st Year Economics Question Paper May 2022

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TS Inter 1st Year Economics Question Paper March 2022

Sestion – A

Note : i) Answer ANY THREE of the following questions in 40 lines each.
ii) Each question carries TEN marks. (3 × 10 = 30)

Question 1.
What are the various methods of calculating National Income?

Question 2.
Explain the meaning of Perfect Competition. Illustrate the mechanism of Price Determination under Perfect Com-petition.

Question 3.
Describe the law of diminishing marginal utility, its limita-tions and importance.

Question 4.
Critically examine the Law of Variable Proportions.

Question 5.
Explain the Keynesian Theory of Employment.

Question 6.
Explain the law of demand and examine its exceptions.

Question 7.
What is a demand function? What are the factors that deter-mine the demand for a good?

Sestion – B

Note : i) Answer ANY EIGHT of the following questions in 20 lines.
ii) Each question carries Five marks.
iii) ALL are of short answer type questions. (8 × 5 = 20)

Question 8.
Explain the differences between free goods and economic goods.

Question 9.
What is Utility? What are its types?

Question 10.
What is an Indifference Curve? What are its assumptions?

Question 11.
Analyse the characteristics of wants.

Question 12.
Explain the concept of Indifference Curve. Discuss its prop¬erties.

Question 13.
Illustrate the reasons for negative sloping demand curve.

Question 14.
Explain the relationship between Average Cost and Marginal Cost.

Question 15.
What is Monopoly ? What are its characteristics?

Question 16.
Discuss the concept of Income Demand.

Question 17.
Write a note on teh classification of Markets based on Time and Area.

Question 18.
What are the factors that determine National Income?

Question 19.
What are the determining factors of Real Wages?

Question 20.
Point out the redemption methods of Public Debt.

Question 21.
What are the sources of Public Revenue?

Question 22.
What is Barter System ? What are its difficulties?

Question 23.
Calculate the median for the following data :
TS Inter 1st Year Economics Question Paper May 2022

Question 24.
Explain the Primary and Secondary functions of Money.

25. What is Statistics? Explain its relationship with Economics.

Section – C

Note : i) Answer ANY FIFTEEN of the following questions in 5 lines.
ii) Each Question carries TWO marks. (15 × 2 = 30)

Question 26.
Explain the capital goods.

Question 27.
What is Wealth?

Question 28.
What is Microeconomics?

Question 29.
Explain Ordianl Utility.

Question 30.
What is Price?

Question 31.
What is Price demand?

Question 32.
Draw the indifference Map.

Question 33.
Explain Substitute goods.

Question 34.
What is Cross Demand?

Question 35.
What is an Opportunity Cost?

Question 36.
Define the Production Function.

Question 37.
Define Market.

Question 38.
What is Net Profit?

Question 39.
What is Contract Rent?

Question 40.
Expand C.S.O What is its responsibility?

Question 41.
What ae Transfer Payments ? Give examples.

Question 42.
What is Budget?

Question 43.
Define Public Finance.

Question 44.
What is Net Banking ? Explain the merits of it.

Question 45.
What is Clearance House?

Question 46.
What is Currency?

Question 47.
What are the uses of Overdrafts?

Question 48.
What are the Merits of Median?

Question 49.
Explain the concept of Mode.

Question 50.
Find the mode from the following data.
TS Inter 1st Year Economics Question Paper May 2023

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