AP 10th Class English Question Paper April 2023 with Solutions

Consistent practice with AP 10th Class English Model Papers and AP 10th Class English Question Paper April 2023 helps in understanding the exam pattern better.

AP SSC English Question Paper April 2023 with Solutions


  1. The question paper has 35 questions in three sections (A, B and C)
  2. Answer all the questions on a separate answer hook supplied to you.
  3. 15 minutes of time is allotted exclusively for reading the question paper and 3 hours for writing the answers.
  4. Answer all the questions of SECTION – B(Grammar and Vocabulary) in the same order at one place in ‘ your answer hook.

Section – A : Reading Comprehension

(Questions 1 – 5) : Read the following passage carefully.

The Second World War broke out in 1939, when I was eight years old. For reasons I have never been able to understand, a sudden demand for tamarind seeds erupted in the market. I used to collect the seeds and sell them to a provision shop on Mosque Street. A day’s collection would fetch me the princely sum of one anna. My brother-in-law Jallaluddin would tell me stories about the War which I would later attempt to trace in the headlines in Dinamani. Our area, being isolated, was completely unaffected by the War. But soon India was forced to join the Allied Forces and something like a State of emergency was declared. (My Childhood)

Now, answer the following questions. (5 × 2 = 10 M)

Question 1.
When did the Second World War break out ?
In 1939

Question 2.
Where was the provision shop ?
On Mosque Street

Question 3.
A day’s collection would fetch the narrator ………… ( )
A) One rupee
B) One anna
C) One paise
B) One anna

AP 10th Class English Question Paper April 2023 with Solutions

Question 4.
A sudden demand erupted in the market for ……… ( )
A) Oil seeds
B) Coffee seeds
C) Tamarind seeds
C) Tamarind seeds

Question 5.
Why was Rameswaram unaffected by the War ? ( )
A) Because it was isolated
B) Because it had protection from the Army
C) Because it had trained soldiers
A) Because it was isolated

(Questions 6 – 8) : Read the following stanza carefully.

Out in the East the jungle listens
The tigress, plaintive, growls in pain,
The great trees hear her breathing, shaking
Inside her still, the new lives wait,
These cubs could be the last ones ever
To freely live and roam and mate
Our grandchild knows the tiger never
Or will the dreamer wake ?
(Or Will the Dreamer Wake?)

Now, answer the following questions. (3 × 2 = 6 M)

Question 6.
Where does the tigress growl in pain ? ( )
A) In the North
B) In the East
C) In the West
B) In the East

Question 7.
Who hears the tigress breathing ? ( )
A) The great trees
B) Bears
C) Whales
A) The great trees

Question 8.
How is the tigress ? ( )
A) Happy
B) Surprised
C) Plaintive
C) Plaintive

(Questions 9 – 10) : Read the following passage carefully.

Savitri gets totally involved in whatever role she plays. “Chivaraku Migiledi” is one such film. She plays the role of a nurse in a psychiatry ward. In a particular scene, the nurse has a nervous breakdown and cries uncontrollably. The shot was over. “CUT”, the director said, but Savitri who played the role could not stop crying! Everyone in the set, had to run to her and pacify her.The film became a milestone
in her career!
(A Tribute)

Now, answer the following questions.

Question 9.
What role did Savitri play in the film, “Chivaraku Migiledi” ? ( )
A) Doctor
B) Nurse
C) Patient
B) Nurse

Question 10.
Which film became a milestone in Savitri’s career ?
A) “Chivaraku Migiledi”
B) “Devadasu”
C) “Ardhangi”
A) “Chivaraku Migiledi”

(Questions 11 – 15) : Read the Bar-diagram carefully :

No. of students interested in different games in a school.
AP 10th Class English Question Paper April 2023 1

Now, answer the following questions. (5 × 2 = 10 M)

Question 11.
What is the given Bar-diagram about ?
No. of students interested in different games in a school.

Question 12.
How many games are mentioned in the Bar-diagram ?
Six games

Question 13.
Which game is played by the highest number of students ?
A) Kho-Kho
B) Kabaddi
C) Badminton
B) Kabaddi

AP 10th Class English Question Paper April 2023 with Solutions

Question 14.
Which games are played by equal number of students ?
A) Volleyball and Basketball.
B) Badminton and Tennis.
C) Kabaddi and Kho-Kho.
A) Volleyball and Basketball.

Question 15.
Choose the CORRECT statement among the following sentences.
A) Kho-Kho is played by 100 students.
B) Badminton is played by 120 students.
C) Tennis is played by the least number of students.
C) Tennis is played by the least number of students.

Section – B : Grammar & Vocabulary

Note : Answer all the questions of Section – B (Grammar and Vocabulary) in the same order at one place in your answer book.

Question 16.
Combine the following sentences using ‘which’ (2 M)
Savitri played the role of a nurse in “Chivaraku Migiledi” film. It became a milestone in her career.
Savitri played the role of a nurse in “Chivaraku Migiledi’ film which became a mile stone in her career.

Question 17.
Change the following sentence into ‘passive voice’ (2 M)
They have stolen the clock and the bureau.
The clock and the bureau have been stolen by them.

Question 18.
Combine the following sentences using ‘Although’. (2 M)
Nick Vujicic was born with no arms and legs. He does not let the details stop him.
Although Nick Vijicic was born with no arms and legs, he does not let the details stop him.

Question 19.
Fill in the blanks with suitable prepositions / prepositional phrases given in the brackets. (2 × 1 = 2 M)
a) Agra is famous ……….. (of, for, from) the Tajmahal.
b) …………. his poverty, he became an IAS officer. (According to, In case of, In spite of)
a) for
b) In spite of

Question 20.
Fill in the blanks with suitable forms of verbs given in the brackets. (2 × 1 = 2 M)

a) I first ………. (see) her in 2020.
b) I …….. (know) her for nearly two years.
a) saw
b) have known

Question 21.
Your friend is suffering from cold and fever.
Advise her to consult a doctor. (2 M)
You should consult a doctor.

Question 22.
Change the following into a “polite request”. (2 M)
You to a stranger : “Show me the way to the Railway Station”.
Please show me the way to the Railway Station.

Question 23.
What do the following sentences mean ? Choose the RIGHT answer and write it in your answer
book. (2 M)
i) It may rain tomorrow.
A) Seeking permission
B) Possibility
C) Making a request
D) Making an offer
B) Possibility

ii) You must wake up early.
A) Compulsion
B) Making a request
C) Ability
D) Expressing possibility
A) Compulsion

Question 24.
Read the paragraph and write the SYNONYMS of the underlined words choosing the words given in the box. (4 × 1 = 4 M)

slowly, satisfaction, objected, persuade, unwillingly, agree

My father protested (a) “Give me an old pair. You don’t have to spend money on new shoes. I couldn’t convince (b) him to buy a new pair. Reluctantly (c) I gave him the hunting boots I was wearing. I then took out my pair of leather shoes from the trunk and noticed my father’s face lighting up with contentment (d).
a) objected
b) persuade
c) unwillingly
d) satisfaction

Question 25.
Read the paragraph and match the words given in column A with their ANTONYMS column B.
(4 × 1 = 4 M)

These trees are very nice, they grow tall, and they grow very fast, but as thev grow, they destroy (a) all the local (b) biological diversity(c). All the flora and fauna disappeared (d).

AP 10th Class English Question Paper April 2023 2
a) 4
b) 6
c) 1
d) 2

Question 26.
Fill in the blanks with right form of words given in brackets. (4 × 1 = 4 M)

Every child is born, with some …….. (a) (inherit/inherited/inheritance) characteristics, into a ……….. (b) (specification/specific/specifically) socio-economic and emotional environment, and trained in ……… (c) (certainly/certain/certainty) ways by figures of authority. I inherited ……….. (d) (honesty/honest/honestly) and self-discipline from my father.
a) inherited
b) specific
c) certain
d) honesty

Question 27.
Complete the following spellings with ‘au, ia, ai, io (or) ee’. (2 × 1 = 2 M)

His parents decided not to send him to a spec_ _l (a) school – a decis_ _n (b) he said was very hard for him.
a) spcial
b) decision

Question 28.
Complete the words with correct suffixes given in brackets. (2 × 1 = 2 M)
He always was thought ………. (full/ful) in that way. He was too honour ………. (eble/able) to have gone without paying his premium.
thoughtful, honourable

Question 29.
Find the wrongly spelt word and write the correct spelling. (2 × 1 = 2 M)

a) insurance independance perseverance occurrence
b) publisher speaker detracter director.
a) independence
b) detractor

Question 30.
Read the following dictionary entry of the word given below. (2 × 1 = 2 M)
AP 10th Class English Question Paper April 2023 3
Now, answer the following questions by using the above information.
a) What is the part of speech of the word ‘loyal’ ?
b) What is the opposite of the word’loyal’?
a) adjective
b) disloyal

Question 31.
Arrange the following words under the correct headings. (8 × 1/4 = 2 M)

datum, fungus, bases, diagnoses, axis, syllabi, phenomenon, media

Singular noun :
1. ……….
2. ………
3. ………
4. ……….

Plural noun :
1. …………
2. …………
3. …………
4. …………
AP 10th Class English Question Paper April 2023 6

Question 32.
Match the following one word substitutes in “Part – A” with their meanings in “Part – B”. (4 × 1/2 = 2 M)
AP 10th Class English Question Paper April 2023 4
1) E
2) D
3) F
4) A

Section – C : Creative Expression

Question 33.
Answer any one of the following. (10 M)

A) In the lesson ‘Attitude is Altitude,’ Nick chose Bethany Hamilton as his surfing master. He met her and learnt surfing. He learnt to do a 360 degree spin very quickly. He felt very happy. Now imagine that you are Nick and write a possible conversation between you and Bethany Hamilton. Convey your gratitude and express your ambition to become a successful person in future.
B) The drunken potter did not notice the difference between the donkey and a tiger. He kicked and beat the sleeping tiger. He then jumped onto the frightened animal’s back, rode it home and then tied it up with the iron chain. All the villagers praised his courage. He did not understand how a donkey could change into a tiger. When he saw the tiger, he fainted.
Now, imagine that you are the potter and write a diary entry in this context.
Nick : Hi Bethany! I just wanted to say thank you so much for teaching me how to surf. I’ve always wanted to learn surfing and you made it possible.
Bethany : Of course, Nick! It was my pleasure to teach you. You caught on to the 360 degree spin pretty quickly!
Nick : Yeah, I couldn’t have done it without your guidance and support. You’re such an in-spiration to me. Your story of overcoming adversity and continuing to pursue your passion is truly amazing.
Bethany : Thank you, Nick. I believe that attitude is everything, and having a positive mindset can take you far in life. What are your goals and aspirations for the future?
Nick : I really want to become a successful person and achieve my dreams. I know it won’t be easy, but seeing what you’ve been able to accomplish gives me hope and motivation to work hard.
Bethany : That’s great, Nick. Remember, success is not just about what you achieve, but how you get there. Keep a positive attitude, work hard, and never give up on your dreams. I know you can do it.
Nick : Thank you so much, Bethany. Your words mean a lot to me. I won’t forget the lessons you’ve taught me, both on and off the surfboard.


B) Diary Entry:

Dear Diary,
Today a strange thing happened. Yesterday in a drunken mood I went in search of my miss-ing donkey. There in the middle of the forest, I found the animal under a tree. I kicked and beat the sleeping animal. I then jumped on to the frightened animal back, rode it home. I tied it up with the iron chain. I went in and slept. Next morning as I came out there was some commotion outside my hut. I saw all the villagers looking amazingly at the tree in my yard. I did not understand what had
happened. When I saw what they are looking at, I was shocked. It was a tiger ………. in place of my
donkey !!! When the villagers had seen me one they started praising me for catching the tiger and tying it under the tree. But I could not understand how my donkey truned into tiger. The earth under my legs shook and I fainted.
– Potter

AP 10th Class English Question Paper April 2023 with Solutions

Question 34.
Answer any one of the following. (10 M)
A) Plastic is a great boon to the human beings but for the environment, it is a menace. Tonnes of plastic waste litter the streets, choke drains and pollute the environment. Waste plastic in rubbish dumps is causing the death of many animals.
Recently, our State Government and the Central Government have issued guidelines to ban single-use plastics.
Now, write a letter to your friend about the ban on the single-use plastics.
B) Write a bio graphical sketch of Asha Parekh, a famous Indian actress, film director, producer and the most successful actress in Hindi Cinema.
Name : Asha Parekh
Date of birth : 2 October 1942
Place of birth : Bombay
Occupation : Actress, Director and Producer
Father : Bachubhai Parekh
Mother : Salma Parekh
First film : Maa
Awards : Padmashri (1992), Dada Saheb Phalke Award (2020)
Credit : Highest paid actress of her time.
Movie which
made her a star : Dil Deke Dekho
A) Letter Writing:

Flat no 402,
Madhura Nagar,

Dear Naveen,

I hope this letter finds you in good health and high spirits. I wanted to share some exciting news with you regarding the recent ban on single-use plastics, being implemented by both our State Government and the Central Government. It’s truly a significant step towards addressing the environmental challenges caused by plastic waste.

Plastic has undoubtedly been a great boon to human beings, revolutionizing various industries and providing convenience in our daily lives. However, it has also become a menace when it comes to its disposal. Tonnes of plastic waste litter our streets, choke drains, and pollute our environment. The detrimental impact of plastic waste on our planet cannot be ignored, especially when it comes to the harm it causes to our wildlife.

The ban on single-use plastics signifies a significant shift towards sustainable practices and responsible consumption. Single-use plastics, such as plastic bags, straws, and disposable cutlery, have been major contributors to the plastic waste crisis. By prohibiting their use, we are promoting alternative solutions that are eco-friendly and less harmful to our environment.

I am personally thrilled about this development and believe that it will pave the way for a cleaner, greener future. It is heartening to witness our governments taking proactive measures to combat plastic pollution and protect our wildlife.

I hope this ban on single-use plastics serves as an inspiration for other regions and countries to follow suit. Together, we can create a world where plastic waste is minimized, wildlife thrives, and our planet flourishes.

Wishing you the best and looking forward to a future filled with environmental consciousness.

Yours lovingly,

Address on the envelope :
L. Naveen,
D.no 32/4, LIC colony,


B) Biographical Sketch:
Asha Parekh
Asha Parekh, bom on October 2, 1942, in Bombay, India, is a prominent figure in the Indian film industry. She is best known as a versatile actress, film director, and producer, and is often regarded as one of the most successful actresses in Hindi Cinema. With her remarkable talent and captivating performances, Asha Parekh has left an indelible mark on Indian cinema.

Asha Parekh was bom to Bachubhai Parekh and Salma Parekh. Her family provided her with a supportive environment that nurtured her passion for acting. She affectionately referred to her mother as “Maa,” who played an instrumental role in shaping her career.

Asha Parekh made her debut in the film industry at a young age and quickly gained recognition for
her talent. Her breakthrough came with the movie “Dil Deke Dekho,” which catapulted her to stardom. From that point onward, there was no looking back for Asha Parekh, as she went on to deliver several iconic performances in a variety of genres.

Throughout her illustrious career, Asha Parekh earned numerous accolades and prestigious awards. In 1992, she was honored with the Padmashri, one of India’s highest civilian awards, for her significant contributions to the field of cinema. In 2020, she was conferred with the Dada Saheb Phalke Award, the most prestigious award in Indian cinema, recognizing her outstanding achievements and lifetime contributions to the industry.

Apart from her acting prowess, Asha Parekh ventured into film direction and production, showcasing her piultifaceted talent. She successfully helmed several projects, leaving her mark behind the camera as well.

Known for her beauty, grace, and versatility, Asha Parekh was not only adored by audiences but also highly regarded by her peers. She was hailed as the highest-paid actress of her time, and her films consistently garnered both critical acclaim and commercial success.

Asha Parekh’s legacy continues to inspire generations of aspiring actors and filmmakers in India. Her dedication, talent, and contribution to Indian cinema have cemented her status as an iconic figure in the industry. With her timeless charm and unforgettable performances, Asha Parekh remains an emblem of excellence and a true legend of Hindi Cinema.

Question 35.
Read the following passage carefully focussing on the underlined parts.
A) India (A) has many races, castes, sub-castes, nationalities and communities. We are all heirs to a common and rich culture (B). Our cultural heritage consists of our art and literature (C). They flourished centuries ago (D). Our cultural heritage serves as a bond of unity between people of different faiths (E).
Now frame ‘WH’ questions to get the underlined parts in the passage as answers.
B) Study the following pie-chart and write a paragraph based on the information given in it. (10 M)
Budget estimated by a Family for their monthly expenses.
AP 10th Class English Question Paper April 2023 5
A) A) Which country has many races, castes, sub-castes, nationalities and communities ?
B) What are we all heirs to ?
C) What does our cultural heritage consist of ?
D) When did they flourish ?
E) How does our cultural heritage serve as ?


B) The pie chart represents the budget estimated by a family for their monthly expenses. They spend 25 % of their total income on education. 20% of income is spent for groceries. The electricity bill accounts to 19% of total budget and 15% of the budget is spent on investment. Clothing accounts to 8% and cell bill 6%. The remaining 7% is spent on miscellaneous items.

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