TS Inter 1st Year Physics Question Paper May 2022

Thoroughly analyzing TS Inter 1st Year Physics Model Papers and TS Inter 1st Year Physics Question Paper May 2022 helps students identify their strengths and weaknesses.

TS Inter 1st Year Physics Question Paper May 2022

Time: 3 Hours
Maximum Marks: 60

Section – A (10 × 2 = 20)

Note :

  • Answer ANY TEN questions.
  • Each Question carries TWO marks.
  • ALL are very short answer type questions.

Question 1.
What are the fundamental forces in nature ?

Question 2.
Distinguish between fundamental units and derived units.

Question 3.
Why do we have different units for the same physical quantity ?

Question 4.
If P = 2i + 4j + 14k and Q = 4i + 4j + 10k, then find the magnitude of P + Q.

Question 5.
We cannot open or close the door by applying force at the hinges. Why ?

Question 6.
Is it necessary, that a mass should be present at the center of mass of any system ?

TS Inter 1st Year Physics Question Paper May 2022

Question 7.
When does a real gas behave like an ideal gas ?

Question 8.
Give an expression for the excess pressure of the soap bubble in air.

Question 9.
Two forces of magnitudes 3 units and 5 units act at 60° with each other. What is the magnitude of their resultant ?

Question 10.
If a bomb at rest explodes into two pieces, the pieces must travel in opposite directions, Explain.

Question 11.
What happens to the coefficient of friction if the weight of the body is doubled ?

Question 12.
Express unified atomic mass unit in kg.

Question 13.
By spinning eggs on a table top, how will you distinguish a hard boiled egg from a raw egg ?

Question 14.
What is magnus effect ?

TS Inter 1st Year Physics Question Paper May 2022

Question 15.
State Dalton’s law of partial pressures.

Section – B (6 × 4 = 24)

Note :

  • Answer ANY SIX questions.
  • Each Question carries FOUR marks.
  • ALL are of short answer type questions.

Question 16.
Explain the advantages and disadvantages of friction.

Question 17.
Show that the trajectory of an object thrown at a certain angle with the horizontal is a parabola.

Question 18.
What is escape velocity ? Obtain an expression for it.

Question 19.
Explain Celsius and Fahrenheit scales of temperature. Obtain the relation between Celsius and Fahrenheit scales of temperature.

Question 20.
Using parallelogram law of vectors, derive an expression for the magnitude and direction of the resultant vector.

TS Inter 1st Year Physics Question Paper May 2022

Question 21.
A bird holds a fruit in its beak and flies parallel to the ground. It lets go of the fruit at some height. Describe the trajectory of the fruit as it falls to the ground as seen by (a) the bird (b) a person on the ground.

Question 22.
If |a + b| = a – b prove that the angle between a and b is 90°.

Question 23.
Can the velocity of an object be in a direction other than the direction of acceleration of the object? If so, give an example.

Question 24.
State the laws of rolling friction.

Question 25.
Define angular velocity (ω)). Derive V = rω.

Question 26.
What is the geostationary satellite ? State its uses.

Question 27.
State and explain first law of thermodynamics.

Question 28.
Describe the behaviour of a wire under gradually increasing load.

Question 29.
Compare isothermal and an adiabatic process.

TS Inter 1st Year Physics Question Paper May 2022

Section – C (2 × 8 = 16)

Note :

  • Answer ANY TWO questions.
  • Each Question carries EIGHT marks.
  • ALL are of long answer type questions.

Question 30.
Develop the notions of work and kinetic energy. Show that it leads to work-energy theorem.
A pump is required to lift 600 kg of water per minute from a well 25 m deep and to eject it with a speed of 50 ms-1. Calculate the power required to perform the above task.

Question 31.
Show that the motion of a simple pendulum is simple harmonic and hence derive an equation for its time period. What is seconds pendulum ?

Question 32.
State and explain Newton’s law of cooling. State the condi-tions under which Newton’s law of cooling is applicable. A body cools down from 60°C to 50°C in 5 minutes and to 40°C in another 8 minutes. Find the temperature of the surroundings.

Question 33.
What are collisions ? Explain the possible types of collisions. Develop the theory of one dimensional elastic collision.

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