TS Inter 1st Year English Model Paper Set 4 with Solutions

Thoroughly reviewing TS Inter 1st Year English Model Papers Set 4 helps in understanding the examiner’s expectations.

TS Inter 1st Year English Model Paper Set 4 with Solutions

Time: 3 Hours 15 Minutes
Maximum Marks: 100

Section – A

Question 1.
Annotate ANY TWO of the following in about 100 words. 2 × 4 = 8M
a) This was only to lighten my over – burdened heart.
b) No one tried to persuade me. The decision was mine alone.
c) Do not be satisfied until you have put yourselves into that atmosphere where you can seize and hold on to the very highest and most beautiful things that can be got out of life.
a) Introduction : This sentence is taken from the prose piece, Father, Dear Father written by Raj Kinger. Actually this is an article published in the English daily, The Hindu.

Context & Explanation : This letter ends up with a postscript. Post script is an addition to a letter, written after the writer’s name has been signed. It shows Rahul’s feelings and speaks out his heart. He feels that his father will not see his anguished plea. And he doesn’t understand his over-burdened heart. Therefore, it is to lighten his heart-rending condition.

Critical Comment : Here, Rahul writes the postscript to lighten his over-burdened heart.

b) Introduction : This sentence is taken from Roger Bannister’s inspirational essay ‘The First Four Minutes’. It is his personal experience.

Context & Explanation : Bannister was the first man to run the mile in 3 minutes 59.4 seconds. He narrates his eventual victory of the race in the essay. He says that failure is as exciting to watch as .success. This is possible only when the player exhibits his sport genuinely. He says that the spectators fail to understand the mental
agony that an athele’te passes through before he enters the field. He says that there was no force from anyone to make him participate in this race. It was his own decision.

Critical Comment : Here, he narrates his glorious moments and second to second experiences while running for the goal.

c) Introduction : There motivational lines are at the concluding lines taken from the essay ‘Two Sides of Life’ written by Booker T Washington. It is a speech taken from his popular book Character Building.

Context & Explanation : The writer concludes his speech by inspiring his students to be positive in life. He advises them to cultive positive attitude to become the strong individual. He tells them to be the best people in life. He warns them not satisfy with the second hand things in life. He inspires them to be in the highest position in the life by achieving great and beautiful things in life.

Critical Comment : He advises his students to see the happier side – and sprdad cheer all round.

TS Inter 1st Year English Model Paper Set 4 with Solutions

Question 2.
Annotate ANY TWO of the following in about 100 words. 2 × 4 = 8M
a) Often the goal is nearer than.
b) His stomach is full of infinite void.
c) And I saw a crowd of Hungarians under the trees with their women and children and a keg of beer and an accordion.
a) Introduction : Introduction : These lines are taken from the inspirational poem, ‘Keep Going’ written by Edgar Albert Guest. He is regarded as a people’s poet. The poem keeps on advising the reader never to quit.

Context & Explanation : The poem announces the idea that your goals are just around the corner. At a time when you are uncertain and you lack strength, you may perceive the aspired goal to be so far away yet it could be nearer than what you think. Therefore, you don’t let your current state of weakness or miserable situation cloud your judgement. You may be so near to where you want to be. Keep going.

Critical Comment : The poem rekindles the self-confidence in the readers to achieve their goals that may appear beyond any common reasoning and normal logic.

b) Introduction : This heart touching line is taken from the thought provoking poem, ‘The Beggar’, penned by Dr. Ammangi Venugopal, a famous Telugu poet. His original Telugu poem, Bichchagadu is rendered into English by Elanaaga (Dr. Surendra).

Context & Explanation : The poet tries to draw the attention of readers to the gravity of farmers’ problems. It is because farmers ‘ work hard. They help others. They are the food providers to all yet the irony is that they struggle to survive. They starve. They don’t find food for themselves, even a morsel! Their stomachs get no food. They suffer from empty stomachs. Their emptiness is infinite. Thus, the poet highlights farmers’ woes and worries in a touching way. He also compels the readers to ponder over possible solutions.

Critical Comment : Here the poet depicts the pathetic condition of farmers in a touching way.

c) Introduction : These lines are taken from the poem ‘Happiness’ written by Carl Sandburg, a famous American poet. The poem is extracted from his collection of poems, ‘Chicago Songs’.

Context & Explanation : The poet wants to know the meaning of happiness. He asks professors and top executives to help him on this regard. But, they express their inability. At last he sees a group of Hungarians under the trees with their women and children. They do not have money, intelligence or success. They are spending happy moments under the tree. They are the symbol of real meaning of happiness. The poet at once understands what happiness is.

Critical Comment : Here the poet describes how he came across a group of Hungarians, beside a river and beneath the tree.

Question 3.
Answer ANY TWO ofthe following questions in about 100 words each. 2 × 4 = 8M
a) All great things have humble, small beginnings. Justify the statement based on the life and work of Thimmakka.
b) Box and Cox fulfills all the characteristics of a one act play. Explain.
c) What is the attitude of teachers towards learners as illustrated in Father, Dear Father ?
a) Thimmakka had pains and problems in her life. She was poor and not educated. She worked as a coolie. She was not happy because she couldn’t become mother till she was forty. Her husband was very cooperative. The couple Thimmakka and Chikkayya started planting trees in their village in a stretch of 4 km. They planted 10 banyan saplings in the first year and increased the number year after year. They not only planted them but tended them to maturity. Apart from banyan trees, she planted over 8000 other trees in over 80 years She is a true inspiration to us. She shows us that all great things have humble and small beginnings.

b) Box and Cox by John Maddison Morton is a comic one-act play. It is regarded as the best farce of the 19th century. It was translated into many European languages. It is a humorous drama. It is short. It fulfills all the characteristics of a true one-act play. It has just three characters. It follows the unity of place. That is the action takes place in one location.

It observes the unity of time too. Its action does not last for a long. It has humour in abundance. It also serves a social purpose by exposing certain follies we suffer from. The play, Box and Cox, thus proves itself to be a perfect comic one-act play. It has all the characteristics of a one-act play.

c) Raj Kinger’s Father, Dear Father is a thought provoking commentary on the present education system. It highlights the defects in the mind sets of parents, learners, teachers and the government bodies. It sets all to a new wave of thinking. However, the attitude of teachers towards learners are rude and adamant. When Rahul seeks advice of his Biology teacher to save his rose plant, she gets irritated. She thinks it a question out of their syllabus and asks him to approach a gardener for advice. Her response to Rahul reveals her crossness, irritability and rudeness. She serves as a warning to all those teachers who do not show any interest or reverence towards their profession. The letter also illustrates Rahul’s experience with his English teacher who was adamant.

TS Inter 1st Year English Model Paper Set 4 with Solutions

Question 4.
Answer ANY TWO of the following questions in about 100 words each. 2 × 4 = 8M
a) Discuss the aptness of the title “The Noble Nature” to the poem.
b) What does the speaker promise in A Red Red Rose ?
c) ‘The poet addresses the reader as you and talks about the farmer as my farmer. Explain the significance in a paragraph.
a) The Noble Nature is one of the most popular lyrics of Ben Jonson. He is regarded as one of the major dramatists and poets of the Seventeenth Century. In this poem, he seeks to explain what makes man’s life noble. The core meaning of the poem centres around this single idea. In just ten lines of the poem, the poet says twice. Man better be; and life perfect be. And to make Man better or life perfect, he advises one to lead a meaningful life of light-like that of a lily. Thus, the focus of the poem is clearly on making Man better.

To explain this point, examples of the oak and the lily are used. Hence, the title, The Noble Nature, suits the poem well. The poem says leading meaningful life even for a short while is worthier than leading a long life with neither charm nor value.

b) The poem, A Red Red Rose, is written by Robert Burns. It is one of the best lyrics of English poetry. The speaker shares his romantic lone for his beloved. He promises different things to his beloned. He vones to love his beloved until the seas have dried up, the fire of the sun has melted the ice, and human life is over. He uses these examples to express his feelings. Thus, promises his eternal love to his borny lass and that no matter how far he might go, he will always return to her side.

c) Dr. Ammangi Venugopal has written the poem in Telugu as Bichchagadu. It is translated into English as the ‘The Beggar’ by Elanaga, (Dr. Surendra) the poem portrays the pitiable condition of the farmers. In the last stanza the poet describes the farmer as a beggar. It is due to his condition at present society. The farmers are suffering from lack of food. They become beggars. They are at the thresholds for food. So, the poet tells the reader that the beggar at the threshold of the reader is none other than the farmer. The reader is addressed as ‘you’ to understand and sympathise with farmers. The poet tells about the farmer as ‘My farmer’. The reader Is moved to ponder over the problem and find away out.

Question 5.
Answer ANY TWO of the following questions in about 100 words each. 2 × 4 = 8M
a) Every time the youth chooses a gift, the fairy expresses her dissatisfaction with her gestures. Comment.
b) Is the title, SANGHALA PANTHULU apt to the story ? Explain.
c) How did the three brothers try to outsmart one another ?
a) Mark Twain’s story, “The Five Boons of Life” offers us a valuable lesson. It highlights the need to choose right. The fairy in the story advises the youth to select a boon. She tells him that of the five boons “Fame, Love, Riches, Pleasures and Death” only one is precious. But, each time the youth makes a wrong choice. The fairy expresses her displeasure. Once, her eyes are filled with tears. Yet again, she sighs deeply. At another time, she asks him to use his wisdom. But the youth repeats the same mistake. The fairy here represents an opportunity. Opportunities knock our doors often. It is our responsibility to use that chance aptly. Here, the youth’s failure presents a lesson to us.

b) Suravaram Pratapa Reddy’s thought provoking Telugu story, SAN- GHALA PANTHULU is a social and historical narration. It was ren¬dered into English by Elanaaga (Dr. N. Surendra). The story pictures the struggles and sufferings of innocent and ignorant villagers. Ra- masagaram village is just a representative of any village in Nizam’s rule. Timidity and lack of unity and awareness among the masses helped a handful of people to exploit the poor. A well-informed and good-intentioned gentleman (Panthulu) came to their rescue. He explained to the villagers about their rights. He helped them pick up courage and form into associations (SANGHALU). That ultimately solved their problems. Hence, the title perfectly suits the story.

c) “The Short-sighted Brothers” is a famous Chiness folk story. It expos¬es the folly of the three brothers. All the three brothers were very short-sighted. Even their personality suffered from the same flaw. They tried to deceive themselves and one another. The youngest brother one day proposed to take charge of their family finances. He cited his eldest brother’s short-sightedness to support his claim. The second brother too joined the race. The eldest brother proposed a test to prove the power of their sight. They should read the inscription on the newly installed tablet on the door way of the nearest monastery. To outsmart one another, each met the monk secretly and learnt about the writing on it.

TS Inter 1st Year English Model Paper Set 4 with Solutions

Section – B

Question 6.
Read the following passage carefully and answer ANY FOUR questions given after it in a word or a sentence each. 4 × 1 = 4M
The man considered long, then chose Love; and did not mark the tears that rose in the fairy’s eyes.

After many, many years the man sat by a coffin, in an empty home. And he communed with himself, saying : “One by one they have gone away and left me; and now she lies here, the dearest and the last. Desolation after desolation has swept over me; for each hour of happiness the treacherous trader, Love, as sold me I have paid a thousand hours of grief. Out of my heart of hearts I curse him.”

i) The man chose the gift Love at once, without thinking. Write true or false.
ii) With whom did the man commune ?
iii) The word rose used as a verb in the passage means came forth. As a noun, it means:
a) stood up
b) a flower
c) a fruit
iv) How is his sadness or loss expressed in the passage ?
v) Whom did the man call a treacherous trader ?
vi) ‘Out of my heart of hearts I curse him’… whom does die word him refer to ? ‘
i) false
ii) He communed (talked) with himself.
iii) (b) a flower
iv) by saying to himself how love has left him in grief
v) Love
vi) Love

Question 7.
Read die following passage carefully and answer ANY FOUR questions given after it In a word or a sentence each. 4 × 1 = 4M
Do you think you can confuse innocent kids easily ? Find out for yourself. Once a curious boy asked his mother, Mommy, why is your hair turning grey 7 The mother tried to use this occasion to teach her child a lesson in behaviour. So, she said, “It is because of you, dear.

Every bad action of yours will turn one hair grey.” Instantly came the retort from the inncoent boy, “Now I know why grandmother has only grey hair on her head.” Can you see who taught whom a lesson in manners.

i) What is the message given in the passage ?
ii) What quality of the boy made him ask his mother a question ?
iii) How did the mother want to use this occasion ?
iv) Why would her hair turn grey, according to the mother ?
v) Was the mother true in saying that reason for her grey hair ?
vi) Did the boy take time to answer his mother ? Support your answer with a phrase from the passage.
i) One cannot confuse innocent kids easily.
ii) his curiosity
iii) to teach her child a lesson in behaviour
iv) Every bad action of her son would turn one of her hairs grey.
v) No, she wasn’t true.
vi) No, instantly came the innocent retort from the boy.

Section – C

[Note : Answers of this section must be written at one place in the same Serial Order.]

Question 8.
Match ANY EIGHT of the following words in Column-A with their meanings in Column-B. 8 × 1/2 = 4M

The First Four Minutes

Column A Column B
i) tremendously a) forcefully
ii) propel b) observable
iii) pace c) goal
iv) barely d) disappearance, loss, death
v) perceptible e) greatly, extremely
vi) penetrate f) tire
vii) ambition g) enter or pass through
viii) exhaust h) speed
ix) extinction i) move, push forward
x) compellingly j) to a very limited extent


Column A Column B
i) tremendously e) greatly, extremely
ii) propel i) move, push forward
iii) pace h) speed
iv) barely j) to a very limited extent
v) perceptible b) observable
vi) penetrate g) enter or pass through
vii) ambition c) goal
viii) exhaust f) tire
ix) extinction d) disappearance, loss, death
x) compellingly a) forcefully

TS Inter 1st Year English Model Paper Set 4 with Solutions

Question 9.
Identify the parts of speech of ANY EIGHT of the following underlined words. 8 × 1/2 = 4M
It is a very
(1) bad habit
(2) to get into
(3) that of being continually
(4) moody
(5) and discouraged, and
(6) of
(7) making the atmosphere
(8) uncomfortable for everybody who comes
(9) within ten
(10) feet of you.
1) very – adverb
2) habit – noun
3) into – preposition
4) continually – adverb
5) moody – adjective
6) and – conjunction
7) of – preposition
8) atmosphere – noun
9) comes – verb
10) ten – adjective (numeral)

Question 10.
Fill ANY EIGHT of the following blanks with a, an or the. 8 × 1/2 = 4M
1. I bought ……………….. pair of new shoes.
2. I saw ……………….. movie last night.
3. It’s raining. Do you need ……………….. umbrella ?
4. Look at ……………….. woman over there ! She is my mother.
5. ……………….. night is quiet. Let’s take a walk.
6. ……………….. spider has eight legs.
7. Peter is ……………….. Italian.
8. I ……………….. read amazing story last Sunday.
9. ……………….. tiger is in danger of dying out.
10. She has got ……………….. long hair.
1) a
2) a
3) an
4) the
5) The
6) A/The
7) an
8) an
9) The
10) x no article

Question 11.
Fill in ANY EIGHT of the following blanks with suitable prepositions. 8 × 1/2 = 4M
1. India got independence ……………….. 1947.
2. I have been reading this book ……………….. 2018.
3. Suresh goes to college ……………….. foot.
4. He served in the military ……………….. thirty years.
5. Very few people can swim ……………….. the river Ganga.
6. The martyr wrote his final testament ……………….. blood.
7. Many great people hail ……………….. rural areas of the country.
8. The snake crawled ……………….. its pit.
9. There is a cold war ……………….. these two countries.
10. There is a beautiful painting ……………….. the wall.
1) in
2) since
3) on
4) for
5) across
6) in
7) from
8) into
9) between
10) on

Question 12
Fill ANY FOUR of the following blanks with suitable forms of the verbs given in brackets. 4 × 1 = 4M
1. The tsunami ……………….. (break) while the sailors ……………….. (row) the boats.
2. How ……………….. you ……………….. (spend) your childhood ?
3. I ……………….. (browse) the internet when he came to our house.
4. The audience ……………….. (occupy) their seats before the cinema
1) broke, were rowing
2) did, spend
3) was browsing
4) had occupied

TS Inter 1st Year English Model Paper Set 4 with Solutions

Question 13.
Rewrite ANY FOUR of the following sentences as directed. 4 × 1 = 4M
1. Can she play the violin ?
(Change the sentences to the passive voice.)
2. Sunilsaid to his daughter, “I will take care of you.”
(Change the sentence to indirect speech.)
3. No other bank in India has as many branches as SBI.
(Change the following sentence to superlative.)
4. ‘Silence’ is the most potent weapon to win an argument.
(Change the sentence to comparative degree.)
5. I am not late, ……………….. ?
(Add a question tag.)
6. Students are our best judges, ……………….. ?
(Add a question tag.)
1. Can the violin be played by her ?
2. Sunil told his daughter that he would take care of her.
3. SBI has the most number of branches.
4. Silence is more potent than any other weapon to win an argument.
5. am I [Note : possible tag-am; negative tag are in the place of am]
6. aren’t they ?

Question 14.
Rewrite ANY FOUR of the following sentences correcting the underlined errors. 4 × 1 = 4M
1 We should wash our foots before coming into the house.
2. He has many sheeps.
3. One of my classmates are an army officer.
4. One should respect her teachers.
5. Every men are responsible for this situation.
6. His both sons are lawyers.
1. We should wash our feet before coming into the house.
2. He has many sheep.
3. One of my classmates is an army officer.
4. One should respect one’s teachers.
5. Every man is responsible for this situation.
6. Both his sons are lawyers.

Question 15.
Supply the missing letters to ANY EIGHT of the following words. 8 × 1/2 = 4M
i) tea_ _er
ii) gl_ _my
iii) le_ _on
iv) re_ _ect
v) f_ _thful
vi) infl_ _nce
vii) le_ _ers
viii) pl_ _sant
ix) su_ _est
x) si_ _le
i) teacher
ii) gloomy
iii) lesson
iv) respect
v) faithful
vi) influence
vii) leaders
viii) pleasant
ix) suggest
x) simple

Question 16.
Identify the silent consonant letters in ANY EIGHT of the following words. 8 × 1/2 = 4M
i) bright
ii) scene
iii) hour
iv) neighbour
v) wrong
vi) knell
vii) wreath
viii) palm
ix) limb
x) design
i) bright – gh
ii) scene – c.
iii) hour – h – r
iv) neighbour – g, h, r
v) wrong – w
vi) knell – k
vii) wreath – w
viii) palm – l
ix) limb – b
x) design – g

Question 17.
Write ANY FOUR of the following transcriptions using ordinary English spelling. 4 × 1 = 4M
TS Inter 1st Year English Model Paper Set 4 with Solutions 1
i) provide
ii) literate
iii) frustration
iv) imagination
v) fear
vi) adamant

TS Inter 1st Year English Model Paper Set 4 with Solutions

Question 18.
Circle ANY FOUR of the words that sound different from the other words in that set with regard to the sounds of the bold letters. 4 × 1 = 4M
i) use us union
ii) ink island if
iii) thorough this thin
iv) sit fit write
v) rose chose lose
vi) week meek deer
i) us
ii) island
iii) this
iv) write
v) lose
vi) deer

Question 19.
Mention the number of syllables in ANY FOUR of the following words. 4 × 1 = 4M
i) before
ii) doctor
iii) mother
iv) imagination
v) essence
vi) quarter
i) 2 – disyllabic
ii) 2 – disyllabic
iii) 2 – disyllabic
iv) 5 – polysyllabic
v) 2 – disyllabic
vi) 2 – disyllabic

Question 20.
a) The given below bar graph shows how much dietary fibre is found in certain fruits. Convert the information into a paragraph. 1 × 4 = 4M
TS Inter 1st Year English Model Paper Set 4 with Solutions 2
b) Convert the following paragraph into a flow chart.
Silver occurs in the ores of several metals. The frothing process of extracting silver accounts for about 75% of all silver recovered. Here the ore is ground to a powder, placed in large vats containing a water suspension of frothing agents, and thoroughly agitated by air jets. Depending on the agents used, either the silver-bearing ore or the gangue adhering to the bubbles of the foam is skimmed off and washed. The final refining is done using electrolysis.
a) Fibre Content in Fruits
The given bar graph presents the details of fibre content in var-ious fruits. The guava stands tall with six (6) grams of dietary fibre per a serving of one cup. Next comes the pear with five (5) grams per unit. The third in the order is the apple with four (4) grams per a cup. The banana and the orange have almost the same quantity of dietary fibre – three (3) grams per cup.
b) Flow Chart depicting Frothing Process of Extracting Silver
TS Inter 1st Year English Model Paper Set 4 with Solutions 3

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