AP Inter 2nd Year Physics Question Paper March 2023

Thoroughly analyzing AP Inter 2nd Year Physics Model Papers and AP Inter 2nd Year Zoology Question Paper March 2023 helps students identify their strengths and weaknesses.

AP Inter 2nd Year Physics Question Paper March 2023

Time: 3 Hours
Maximum Marks: 60

Section – A (10 × 2 = 20)

Note :

  • Answer ALL questions.
  • Each question carries TWO marks.
  • ALL are very short answer type questions.

Question 1.
What is the principle of a moving coil galvanometer ?

Question 2.
Two lenses of power -1.75 D and + 2.25 D respectively, are placed in contact. Calculate the focal length of the combination.

Question 3.
Define magnetic declination.

Question 4.
Magnetic lines form continuous closed loops. Why ?

Question 5.
What is transformer ratio ?

Question 6.
Give two uses of infrared rays.

Question 7.
What are cathode rays ?

Question 8.
State Heisenberg uncertainity principle.

AP Inter 2nd Year Physics Question Paper March 2023

Question 9.
Draw the circuit symbols for p-n-p and n-p-n transistors.

Question 10.
Mention basic methods of modulation.

Section – B (6 × 4 = 24)

Note :

  • Answer ANY SIX questions.
  • Each question carries FOUR marks.
  • ALL are short answer type questions.

Question 11.
Explain the formation of mirage with example.

Question 12.
How do you determine the resolving power of your eye ?

Question 13.
State and explain Coloumb’s inverse square law in electricity.

Question 14.
Derive an expression for the electric potential due to a point charge.

Question 15.
State and explain Ampere’s law.

Question 16.
Describe the ways in which Eddy currents are used to advantage.

Question 17.
Explain the different types of spectral series.

Question 18.
Define NAND and NOR gates. Give their truth tables.

Section – C (2 × 8 = 16)

Note :

  • Answer ANY TWO questions,
  • Each question carries EIGHT marks.
  • ALL are long answer type questions.

Question 19.
Explain the formation of stationary waves in stretched string and hence deduce the laws of transverse waves in stretched string.

Question 20.
State the working principle of potentiometer, Explain with the help of a circuit diagram how the EMF of two primary cells are compared by using the potentiometer.
Find the resistivity of a conductor which carries a current density of 2.5 × 106 Am-2 when an electric field of 15 Vm-1 is applied across.

Question 21.
Explain the principle and working of a nuclear reactor with the help of a labeled diagram.

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