AP Inter 2nd Year English Model Paper Set 8 with Solutions

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AP Inter 2nd Year English Model Paper Set 8 with Solutions

Time : 3 Hours
Max. Marks : 100


I. Annotate ANY TWO of the following in about 10-15 lines each : (2 × 4 = 8)

Question 1.
My son, its God’s will. That’s the way God tests you.
Context: This sentence is taken from the essay “In Celebration of Being Alive” written by Dr. Christian Barnard. When the writer thought about the suffering prevailing in the world, he remembered an accident in his life. He described his accident, in the essay.

Explanation : When he was caught in an accident, the writer recollected the words his father when he was alive. The problems, difficulties and short comings are given by God, for testing. It is God’s will to test the heart of everybody. Through the test everybody, shall become ripened. We move on to better positions. It was the belief of his father and here the narrator pointed out that he should bow down before God.

General Relevance : It is a common belief in this world that God is omnipotent. His will shall prevail and so whatever is bestowed from God, has to be accepted. The supremacy of God is pointed out here.

Question 2.
Crafty men contemn studies, simple men admire them and wise men use them.
Context : This sentence is taken from the essay “Of Studies” written by Francis Bacon. He was called the Father of English Essay. This line is about people who treat studies in their own way. Their views are different one from the other.

Explanation: While looking into the practical side of the subject, the writer points out, three kinds of people. Cunning and dishonest people dislike studies. They are proud that they have enough of knowledge. There are people who are interested in studies. These simple men shall have a liking for studies. The third group of people who are wise, study books well, get knowledge and apply it in their daily life.

General Relevance : Bacon’s sentences are aphoristic. They are filled with sensible ideas. The division of the three kinds, shows the wit of Bacon. Real life situations are shown in the essay.

Question 3.
We watched the growth of a plant being tracedout automatically by a needle on a sheet of smoked glass.
Context: This passage is taken from the essay J.C.Bose’ written by Aldous Huxley. He was an English writer. The passage is about the experimentation of J.C.Bose.

Explanation: The construction of the machines at Bose Institute in Calcutta, was made with simple things like the clockwork, needles, filaments etc. But they helped the experimenter to find out mysterious things. The growth of a plant, the suffering of the plant when it is poisoned and the death of the plant, were shown on the screen. A smoked glass was used as the screen. The graph over the screen had ups and dpwns to show the agony. When the undulations were stopped the plant lost it life. It was visible in the Bose Institute.

General Relevance : Even though the growth of the plant, the heart beat of a plant and the agony of a plant could not be seen with a naked eye, they are visible on the screen arranged, in the machine at Bose Institute.

Question 4.
Unfortunately, our attitude towards family life is not reflected in our attitude towards community behaviour.
Context: This passage is taken from the essay “Learning from the West” written by N.R.Narayana Murthy. The writer was a great Industrialist and a Writer. Here he writes about the virtues, one should possess in life.

Explanation: The writer exposes himself against the limitations in the behaviour of the Indian. An Indian is interested in his family. He wants to develop it in a healthy way. One should be loyal to the community, in addition to the family relations. It is unfortunate that we lack it in India.
Therefore, the writer suggests to think about the behaviour in the West and follow. It is our responsibility to act, accordingly.

General Relevance : In the beginning of the essay, Narayana Murthy explains as to why he has entitled the essay “Learning from the West”. He thinks that it is obvious to have a broad outlook.

AP Inter 2nd Year English Model Paper Set 8 with Solutions

II. Annotate ANY TWO of the following in about 10-15 lines each : (2 × 4 = 8)

Question 1.
Books, Tis a dull and endless strife
come hear the woodland linnet.
Context: These lines are extracted from the poem “The Tables Turned” written by William Wordsworth. These lines suggest how the poet creates interest in the study of nature.

Explanation: The poet thinks that nature is the main source of education. He shuns the books. Laborious study of the books is not advisable. Moreover it is an endless process. Rather than studying things from the books, the poet says, study of nature helps us to learn more. He wishes that everybody should know the importance of the wealth of this world. A bird like the linnet exhibits its happiness. One should know that the birds even though they have no knowledge of the book, enjoy the blessings of this nature. So, one should leave the books and know the importance of nature’s bounty.

General relevance: The wealth of the nature is to be recognised by all. The birds are happy because they enjoy the knowledge got from nature.

Question 2.
Yet will I take my individual sorrow
At the deep source of universal joy.
Context: These lines are taken from the poem “A Challenge to Fate” .written by Sarojini Naidu. It is about the courageous behaviour of the writer. It is a challenge against Fate.

Explanation : After discussing all the matters connected the writer comes to a conclusion. The writer wants to enjoy her talents. She wants, to have a free thought, free movement and free speech. Fate wants to control but it cannot. It is undone before the talents of the writer. Universal joy is there in the mind of the writer. The writer cannot become a puppet in the hands of Fate.

General Relevance : It is known that, inspite of all the efforts of Fate, the writer wins the battle. The brave heart is led to victory.

Question 3.
Without me cold the hearthstone stands Nor could the precious children thrive.
Context: These lines are extracted from the poem “Any Woman” written by Katharine Tynan. She was British writer. She produced a number of novels and poems. These lines describe the place of a mother in a family.

Explanation : The mother describes how her role in the family, is important, the mother takes care of the children. She feeds them, gives them warmth at the time of need, and helps them flourish in life. Till the time they grow they will be in the lap of the mother. Eventhough the hearth in the house do not have the heat, the mother gives them the warmth. Here ‘me’ is use for the mother. If the mother is removed, the children shall be spoiled.

General Relevance : A mother is so important that no family or children can thrive without her. The condition of children shall be spoiled. So woman has the chief role in a family.

AP Inter 2nd Year English Model Paper Set 8 with Solutions

Question 4.
All are architects of Fate Working in these walls of time.
Context: These lines are taken from the poem “The Builders” written by H.W. Longfellow. Here people are compared to builders. The life is the structure and time controls it.

Explanation: These two lines reveal the aim of the poet. People in this life lead their life in the order they want to have for themselves. Time moves on, deciding the fate of each and every person. The experience they have each day can be compared to a block, in the construction of the building. The future, whether great or small depends upon the things used for the construction.

General Relevance : The comparison of life with a building makes one, thoughtful. Time is the main source of construction which controls the quality of the building.

III. Answer ANY TWO of the following questions in about 10-15 lines : (2 × 4 = 8)

Question 1.
How do studies cure the diseases of the mind ?
Francis Bacon was a great English essayist. In the essay ‘Of Studies’, he gives the benefits of studies and the importance of reading books. Being an essayist with great knowledge and experience, he tells us that studies are useful to cure some diseases of the mind. History can improve wisdom and poetry can improve imagination. Physical exercies cure the body weaknesses. Similarly, mathematics can cure the weakness of wavering mind. Weak thinking can be cured by the study of philosophy. For memory loss, the study of law shall work as a remedy. Thus study of books is useful not only to acquire knowledge but also to get the weaknesses treated.

Question 2.
What is meant by working like a master but not like a slave ?
Swami Vivekananda was a great thinker and an orator. He became the disciple of Sri Ramakrishna Paramahamsa. He said ‘Work is Worship”. He explained that a work has got both good and bad intentions. The secret of work according to the author is that we have to work unattached. One should work like a master but not as a slave. When we think of a slave, he works but he expects something in return. He should work with love only. Selflessness is happiness. Existence, knowledge and bliss are the three aspects one should possess. God works but his work is a master’s work. There is love in it. Therefore master’s work will help the society. The secret of work lies in this service.

AP Inter 2nd Year English Model Paper Set 8 with Solutions

Question 3.
Explain the experiments of Bose about the growth and reaction of a plant.
Aldous Huxley was an English Writer. He wrote a number of books. ‘J.C.Bose’ is an essay taken from the book “Testing Pilate:” It is about the experimenting on Seience and Technology. The author visited the institute of J.C.Bose, in Calcutta. He found that very small things were used by the scientist. At the institute the growth of a plant was shown on a smoked glass. While feeding, a plant exhaled oxygen and when the vessel was full, there rang a small bell.

If there was sunlight on the plant, the bell rang often. When it was gloomy, the bell stopped ringing. If a stimulant was added the bell rang wildly. Thus the growth and reaction of a plant was shown by J.C.Bose.

Question 4.
What was the accident that Dr. Barnard had ? How did he react to the accident ?
Dr. Christian Barnard was a heart surgeon and a writer. He wrote the essay “In Celebration of Being Alive” giving his experiences at the time of an accident. Once when the doctor and his wife were crossing the road, there was an accident. A car hit them, both were in the hospital for sometime. At this time, the narrator had a doubt as to why, God could put him into trouble. Once when his father was alive, he said that God would test the individual by giving troubles at times. He was not satisfied. But when he saw two small boys, both having severe physical deformities, driving the breakfast trolly, he realised the fact. He thought that one should celebrate being alive.

IV. Answer ANY TWO of the following questions in about 10-15 lines: (2 × 4 = 8)

Question 1.
What is the appropriateness of the title ‘ The builders’ ? Do you agree with the poet about building one’s water ?
‘The Builders’ is an interesting poem written by the great American poet H.W Longfellow. The poet compares men to builders. An individual’s life is controlled by time and he is the one who rc structs the building of life. According to the poet; everybody plans iia life according to his will. He experiences something and advances based on the previous experience. Everyday’s work is taken as a block in the construction of the building. There are people who build their character on good behaviour, with good blocks. Those lives have become buildings suitable for the dwelling of God. Thus people have to build huge buildings of character. The poet suggests the title, ‘The Builders’ and it is quite apt.

AP Inter 2nd Year English Model Paper Set 8 with Solutions

Question 2.
How does the poetess portray the bond between the mother and her children in the poem “Any Woman” ?
Katharine Tynan wrote the poem “Any Woman”. The poem is an interesting account of a woman in the house. She describes how a mother is interested in her children. The mother is like a pillar in the family. She is like the heat from the Sunlight giving warmth to her ‘ children. She shows love towards the children and they grow happily in her lap. She is like a twist bringing all the children together. If the care of the mother fails, the children shall be spoiled. A mother decorates the house, prepares the food for the childrenguards them from all dangers. Thus she has the affection and the children grow under the care of a mother.

Question 3.
Attempt a critical appreciation of the poem “On his having Arrived at the age of twenty three”.
On His Having Arrived at the Age of Twenty Three1 is a poem written by, John Milton. It is a sonnet. A sonnet has fourteen lines. In the first eight lines, we find a problem and in the last six lines the solution is given. In the first part, Milton has a complaint against God. He tells that time is like a thief and he has no buds or blossoms in life. His ambition for writing has no progress. So groans in his mind. But afterwards his introspection help him to understand reality. God is the taskmaster and he endows everything out of his grace. Everything in this world is directed by God. Whatever is given to an individual, is given according to his will. Thus the poem is about maturity of mind and talents.

Question 4.
Why does Wordsworth consider nature to be a good teacher ?
The Tables Turned’ is a famous poem written by William Wordsworth. He was a romantic poet and his love towards nature is of great value. The poet believes that nature is the main source for education. From books, we learn only a little but nature gives us complete knowledge. The beautiful scenery, the lustrous plants and trees, the birds and all that is there give us complete knowledge of the creation. The birds do not read books but they know the secrets of this world. For research, we dissect and kill certain creatures. But if we have an affectionate heart, we can acquire a lot of knowledge from the nature. So, the poet thinks that the nature is a good teacher.

AP Inter 2nd Year English Model Paper Set 8 with Solutions

V. Answer ANY ONE of the following questions in about 25 lines : (1 × 8 = 8)

Question 1.
Write the character sketch of Tom Sawyer.
Tom Sawyer was the young hero in the novel “The Adventures of Tom Sawyer” written by Mark Twaim, an American writer. Tom was a boy of a tender age. He was a misfit in the school. His behaviour with Becky Thatcher is interesting because he had a liking for her. He expressed it boldy. He was equally like by the girl. Tom had another friend, Huck- leberry Finn, who was emtidy, and spent his time fishing and summing. Tom liked this boy because he wanted to have adventures in life.

Tom went to the graveyard one day along with Huck, to see the ghosts. It was a mysterious experience for him. The three men who came there to rob a dead body quarrelled among themselves. One of them, a doctor was killed by Injun Joe. Tom was frightened to watch Injun killing the doctor. Tom had a liking to wander and his stay at Jackson’s island, was wonderful.

The parents arranged a funeral, thinking that Tom and Huck were dead, which indeed created a humorous occasion for Tom’s jolly mind. Tom’s presence at the church created a hilarious situation. Tom’s determination to save Muff Potter and his brave witness at the court, adds to his virtuous behaviour. His relationship with Becky Thatcher was .very much appreciative.

Tom wanted to save Widow Bougals. His determination to punish Injun Joe and his pursuasion in the search of the treasure in the cave, were note worthy. Tom got the treasure and changed Huck, the dirty, lazy and unworthy boy to a neat and tidy boy. Thus Tom was typical of the days of Mark Twainer in America.

Question 2.
Give a character analysis of Huckleburry Finn.
Huckleberry Finn is an important character along with Tom Sawyer. Though Tom happens to be the prominent and dynamic character, its role become complete with the help of this character.

Huck was an outcast, without a house to live in. He had his father but he was a drunkard without paying any interest at the life of Huck. Huck became a friend to Tom because he seemed to be adventurous. Huck could attract Tom with his strange descriptions and oaths. When Tom wanted to go to as a pirate, Huck accompanied him. When they attended the funeral mourning of themselves, Huck’s behaviour was acceptable to Tom.

When there was the search for the hidden treasure, Huck helped Tom. Huck was daring enough to pursue things lonely. Huck knew the plan of Injun and his companion, to kill Widow Dougals. He did not hesitate to interfere in the matter. Moreover he took the help of Mr. Welsh. Thus his role becomes important at the right time. Huck is untidy in the beginning but became civilised in course of time. He could not enter into anybody’s house in the beginning, but became an important figure, when he saved the life of Widow Dougals. The character of Huck supplements the character of Tom. The novelist showed his skill in carving the characters, in the novel, “The Adventures of Tom Sawyer”.

AP Inter 2nd Year English Model Paper Set 8 with Solutions

Question 3.
Describe in detail the major incidents in which Tom and Huck were involved.
Mark Twain wrote the novel “The adventures of Tom Sawyer” depicting the conditions of young boys, in America, in his time. Tom Sawyer and Huckelberry Finn are the two important characters in the story.

Torp was under the care of Aunt polly and Huckleberry Finn was an out cast whose father was an aweful drunkar Finn was accustomed to while away time. He did not think of his dirty dress or dirty habits in general. But Tom liked him. He admired him because he seemed to be adventurous. The two boys turn out important events in the story.

In the beginning Tom wanted to see the ghosts at the burial ground. Both of them went there and found the doctor killed by Injun Joe. It was a gruve some event and they did not forget it for a long time. They left their places and wanted to become pirates. When they left the houses, people thought that they were dead and arranged the funeral. Both of them enjoyed the occasion well. Tom and Huck followed Injun and watched his activities. Thus Huck helped Tom in this search.

For the treasure available at the dilapidated house, both went and tried. Huck traced the spot and Tom traced Injun. He found injun to have been dead in the cave. The position of Huck was Changed. He became a neat and tidy person. He became someone in the society. All this happened because of Tom’s effort only. Huck was adopted by Widow Dougals because of Tom only. Thus the important events happened by the effort of both of these boys.

AP Inter 2nd Year English Model Paper Set 8 with Solutions


VI. Read the following passage carefully and answer the questions that follow: (5 × 1 = 5)

Everyone eats food. Some people eat lots of fruit and vegetables, others may eat more or less meat, and some people may eat healthy, others may not. All of it is related to nutrition. Nutrition is the process of how people get the food that is needed to grow strong and healthy along with obtaining the necessary vitamins and nutrients to help bodies grow and function.

For children, good nutrition is especially important and it is necessary to eat healthy foods because kids are constantly growing. Good nutrition will lead to healthy bones and muscles, and , without receiving the correct vitamins and nutrients while grow¬ing, a child will not grow as tall and as strong as they could be.

There are five main food groups that should be eaten each day. Eating a variety of foods in each group will lead to receiv-ing most important nutrients to remain strong and healthy. The first food group includes grains such as cereals, rice, millets, breads, pastas etc. The second group is dairy, which includes milk, yogurt, cheese, butter and other dairy products. Apples, organges, grapes, bananas and many more are part of the fruits group. Of course, vegetables, such as beans, broccali, peas, carrots, com, leafs and many others is in its own food group as well. Finally, the fifth food group is protein, which can be found in beef, chicken, eggs, nuts, fish etc.

Questions :
1. What is nutrition ?
Nutrition is the process of how people get the food that is needed to grow strong and healthy along with obtaining the necessary vitamins and nutrients to help bodies grow and function.

2. What happens if children do not take good nutrition ?
A child will not grow as tall and as strong as they could be.

3. How many food groups are there according to the passage ?

4. Which of the following food groups do cheese, butter and yo-gurt belong to ?
a) Protein
b) Grains
c) Dairy
c) Dairy

5. Name any three vegetables other than those in the passage.
Cabbage, Potato, Cauliflower, Tomato, Brinjal, Bitter gourd, Snake gourd, Bottle gourd etc. (any three options)

AP Inter 2nd Year English Model Paper Set 8 with Solutions

VII. Read the passage and answer the questions that follow : (5 × 1 = 5)

Tom and Becky were happy but very tired and hungry. Becky stayed in bed for many days because she was weak. Tom stayed in bed for a few days too. Sometime after the adventure in the cave, Tom went to visit Becky. Mr Thatcher asked Tom, ‘Do you want to go to the cave again ?’ ‘Oh, I’m not afraid of the cave,’ said Tom. Well, nobody is going to the cave again. There are big doors infront of the entrance now. And I have the keys,’ said Mr. Thatcher. What!’ ‘Tom’s face became white. ‘Is something wrong, Tom ?’ asked Mr. Thatcher. ‘Injun Joe is in the cave !’ cried Tom. Many men from St. Petersburg went to the cave and opened the big doors. They found Injun Joe on the ground. He was dead.

Questions :
1. Why were Tom and Becky in bed for a few days ?
Because they were lost in the cave and did not have proper food, water and rest there.

2. State true or false.
Tom doesn’t want to go to the cave anymore.

3. What did Mr. Thatcher say with Tom about the cave ?
Mr. Tha . that nobody is going to the cave again. Big doors are arranged at the entrance of the cave which are locked/ Nobody is going to the cave again. There are big doors infront of the entrance. And the keys are with Mr. Thatcher.

4. Why did Tom’s face turn white when he heard that the cave is closed ?
Because he knew that Injun Joe was in the cave which is closed now.

5. What happened to Injun Joe in the cave ?
He was dead in the cave.

VIII. Study the advertisement given below and answer the questions that follow : (5 × 1 = 5)
AP Inter 2nd Year English Model Paper Set 8 with Solutions 1

Questions :
1. What were the applications invited for ?
Applications are invited for National Energy Conservation Award 2018 for exceptional achievement in energy efficiency.

2. What is the last date for the receipt of applications ?
15th October, 2018.

3. How can we find the eligibility criteria ?
Can be downloaded from www.beeindia.gov.in.

4. Name at least two sectors that can apply for this award.
Industry sector / Transport sector / Building sector, (any two of these)

5. Hotels and hospitals belong to sector.
Building sector.

IX. Study the Pie Chart carefully and answer the questions that follow. (5 × 1 = 5)
AP Inter 2nd Year English Model Paper Set 8 with Solutions 2

Questions :
1. How many types of verbs are shown in the diagram ?
Six types (6).

2. HAVE is a type of verb.
Primary auxiliary.

3. State true or false.
Transitive verbs are again divided into regular and irregular verbs.

AP Inter 2nd Year English Model Paper Set 8 with Solutions

4. A modal verb is a sub-division of a(n) verb.

5. Give two examples of modal verbs from the diagram.
Will, can, may, must, would, could etc.


X. Write a letter to the sub inspector of police of your locality, requesting him to trace your cousin. Give all relevant details that may help the police department. (1 × 5 = 5)
(Hints: Resident of cousin missing – lean and slim – 5ft 5 inches – Help by finding)
7-9, Subbaiah Colony

10 March, 2019

The Sub-Inspector of Police
Police Station
M.R. Palle
Sub : Missing report of my cousin Aneesh-Request for trace out-Submitted-Reg.
I am the resident of Avilala, Tirupati Rural. My cousin P. Aneesh son.of Sri P.Sankar has not returned home since 8th March, 2019. He had gone to attend NEET Coaching class in the evening and not returned. He has been staying with me for the last two years and is a i student of II M.P.C in S.V Junior College, Tirupati.
I have made all enquiries from his friends and relatives but have not been able to locate him. He is lean and slim, 5′ ft 5 inches height.
I and fair in complexion. He was wearing a white shirt and blue jeans. I am enclosing his latest photograph, to help identify him. I would be , grateful if you could kindly help me in finding him.
Thanking you Sir
Yours faithfully

Write a letter to your younger cousin advising him how to deal with the changes.
(Hints: Grade points – Grades are good – hard work – best wishes to your brother.)
22-4, Nehru Nagar 6th Lane
Main Road

16 June, 2019

My dear Udayasri
How are you ? How are you studying ? I received your letter and noted the contents. I felt very happy for you getting highest marks in your class. As you know, the Board of Intermediate Education has introduced the grading system in the results, instead of marks. It is a very good decision. It avoids tension from the students and removes unhealthy competition.
Now I have found that getting a good grade is not very difficult. If you attend the classes regularly and follow instructions, you can get a good grade. If you get more than 91% of marks, you are awarded 10/ 10 points in each subject. Based on the average of all subjects, your grading is fixed. There is no doubt that grades bring in several toppers and avoid committing of suicides of students for the sake of ranks.
I find that grades are good and encouraging and appreciate the BIE for introducing it. I suggest you to put in hard work and get quality education without feeling any tension of marks and ranks. Convey ‘ my profound regards to your parents and best wishes to your brother.
With love
Yours lovingly

S. Udayasri
D/o. S. Ramesh
26-145, Rajeev Nagar

AP Inter 2nd Year English Model Paper Set 8 with Solutions

XI. Write a short paragraph of about 8 lines about the way you celebrated afestival you like most. (1 × 5 = 5)
In India we have many festivals of which the Deepavali is an important one. This festival is observed not only by the Hindus but also so many others. Diwali is a hilarious occassion, people prepare for this festival sufficiently, prior to the day. That day we take bath and wear new clothes. Some people worship the goddess of Lakshmi with great piety. Our newly wedded sister came along with her husband and my parents presented news clothes to them in the evening, we burnt the crackers. Whole of our house was filled with bright light of the crackers. Afterwards at the end we had a bath and went to bed. Thus the festival is celebrated in an order.


Write a short paragraph of about 8 lines about the process of with drawing money from an ATM.
ATM is meant for Automatic Teller Machine. It is a device invented to help the bank, to ease the work. When we enter the ATM room, we have to insert the debit card into the machine. It starts responding. First of all it asks for the language you want to use. Then your secret number is to be presented. Afterwards the type of account is asked for. The amount of money has to be given. We should be careful to ask the amount based on the denominations of the notes, shown on the screen. As the amount is given, you have to take your debit card from the slot. Finally a message is sent to your phone number, about the transaction. A receipt giving the details of withdrawal ’ shall be issued from the ATM. Withdrawal of money has become easy.

XII. Prepare acurriculum vitae. (1 × 5 = 5)

M. Suman Karthik-aged 28 years-M.A(English) B.Ed.,-good communication and problem solving skills-M.A from S.V. University, Tirupati-72%. B.A (Adv. English)-Govt. Degree College (Autonomous), Ananthapuram-76%-B.Ed S.K.University, Ananthapuram Intermediate (HEC)-Govt. Junior College, Ananthapuram-teacher in English for three years-applying for Junior Lecturer in English post-St. Joseph’s Junior College, Ongole.


15 June, 2019

M. Suman Karthik
5/12 Padmavathi Street

The Correspondent
St. Joseph’s Junior College
Sub Application for the job of Jr. Lecturer in English – regarding.
In response to the advertisement in the newspaper of June 10, 2019,1 wish to apply for the. post of Jr. Lecturer in English. As per only qualifications, I passed M.A. with 72% of marks. I have good academic record.
So, I request you to appoint me and oblige.
Yours Faithfully
M. Suman Karthik

Enclosures : Resume, Copies of Certificates.


M. Suman Karthik
5/12 Padmavathi Street

Junior Lecturer in English in St. Joseph’s Jr. College, Ongole.

2014-2016 – M.A. English Literature – S.V. University – Tirupathi – 72%.
2013-2014 – B.Ed. S.K. University, Ananthapuram.
2011-2013 – B.A (Adv. English) Govt. Degree College, (Autonomous) – Ananthapuram – 76%.
2008-2010 – Intermediate (H.E.C) Govt. Jr. College, Ananthapuram.
2007-2008 – S.S.C Board of Secondary Education, AP.

Worked as teacher in English for three years from 2016-2019.

Good Communication and Problem Solving Skills.

Languages Known : English, Telugu and Hindi
Hobbies : Reading Books
Father’s name : Sri. M. Subrahmanyam
Reference : Available on requisition.

I here by declare that the details furnished above are true and correct to the best of my knowledge and belief.
M. Suman Karthik

Place : Ananthapuram,
Date : 15 April, 2019

AP Inter 2nd Year English Model Paper Set 8 with Solutions

XIII. Fill in the form. (10 × 1/2 = 5)

Mr. Mahaboob Basha has an SB account in VR. Colony Branch of Andhra Bank, Nellore bearing account No. 022310011000778. His father Mr. Abdul Sattar went to Kavali Branch of Andhra Bank on 12th February 2019 and credited online an amount of Rs. 2,500/- (5 notes of 500/- denomination) in Mahaboob Basha’s account.
AP Inter 2nd Year English Model Paper Set 8 with Solutions 3
1) 12-2-19
2) Kavali Branch
3) Mr. Mahaboob Basha
4) 022310011000778
5) Bearing A/c
6) 2,500
7) Two thousand five hundred
8) 500 × 5
9) 2,500
10) Signature

XIV. Construct a dialogue how you invite your friend for your birthday party. (1 × 5 = 5)
Sneha : Hi! Indu, how are you ?
Indu : Hi, Sneha, I am fine thank you and how about you ?
Sneha : I am also fine and nice to meet you Indu, tomorrow is my birthday.
Indu : Oh! Very nice, wish you a happy birthday in advance.
Sneha : Indu, Now I have come here to invite you and the members of your family for my birthday function.
Indu : Is there a party ?
Sneha : Yes, I have planned to arrange a small party for our friends.
Indu : Sneha, have you invited all our friends ?
Sneha : Yes, I have invited our friends and our classmates.
Indu : Very good, at what time will you be cutting the cake ?
Sneha : Indu, it is planned that the cake will be cut at 7 pm and after that dinner is arranged at my home.
Indu : OK, Sneha, I will attend your birthday function.
Sneha : Indu, won’t miss the party, please do attend.
Indu Sneha, I won’t miss the party and I will attend the function without fail.
Sneha : Thank you Indu, bye.
Indu : Good bye.


Write a telephonic conversation leaving a messagge for his friend.
Muralidhar : Hello ! Can I speak to Mr. Bhaskar ?
Receptionist : May I know who is speaking ?
Muralidhar : I’m Muralidhar, a friend of Bhaskar.
Receptionist : Sir, at the moment Mr. Bhaskar is not in the office.
Muralidhar : I have to speak to him urgently.
Receptionist : You can try his mobile number. Do you have his mobile number, sir ?
Muralidhar : I have tried his mobile, it says it is switched off.
Receptionist : Sir, actually he has gone to attend an important meeting.
Muralidhar : I see. I’m going to leave a message with you, please convey it to him as soon as he comes.
Receptionist : Sure sir, what’s the message ?
Muralidhar : Actually we have to meet a friend of ours who is suffering from fever in the hospital. Mr. Bhaskar has to pick me up from my home at 9 a.m. tomorrow. This programme stands cancelled as l am going to Bangalore today. I will be back within a couple of days. As soon as I come back, I’ll contact him.
Receptionist : I’ll convey the message to Mr. Bhaskar.
Muralidhar : It is very urgent, please don’t forget.
Receptionist : Sir, I won’t forget and I’ll convey the message.
Muralidhar : Thank you.
Receptionist : You’re welcome.

AP Inter 2nd Year English Model Paper Set 8 with Solutions

XV. Read the following passage and make notes. (1 × 5 = 5)

Is it possible for the colour of a uniform to affect the outcome of a sports match ? British anthropologists (scientists who study human behaviour) think so. In 2004, researchers studied the results of Olympic competitions in boxing, tae-know-do, and wrestling. These sports were great to study because uniform colours were randomly assigned. In each sport, contestants wearing red had a slight advantage. Those with red uniforms won a little more than half the time. Was this a matter of chance ? Or did red uniforms suggest danger and strength to opponents ? Many scientists have studied “the red effect.” Some have found that the colour of wrestler’s uniforms may affect a referee’s scoring. But nobody knows for sure. It’s not clear what effect red has on players, opponents, referees, and fans, or if it has any effect at all. It’s a great question to ask. And until it’s answered, you can be sure there will be many teams who are pinning their hopes on red.
According to British Scientists – results of Olympics and Wrestling – contestants with red uniforms had a slight advantage.
Doubt is not cleared – the red effect – It may affect a referee’s scoring – players, opponents, referees and fans – the effect is not known – many teams opt for red uniforms.

XVI. Match the words in Column ‘A’ with their meanings/definitions in Column B’. (5 × 1 = 5)

Column ‘A’ Column ‘B’
1. incredible a. call on for inspiration
2. contradict b. throwout
3. invoke c. say against
4. eject d. a system where there is no rule
5. anarchy e. that which cannot be believed, unbelievable
f. shaped like a cross
g. mathematical shape


Column A Column ‘B’
1. unanimous e. that which cannot be believed, unbelievable
2. misanthrope c. say against
3. valedictorian a. call on for inspiration
4. erupt b. throwout
5. hierarchy d. a system where there is no rule

AP Inter 2nd Year English Model Paper Set 8 with Solutions

XVII. Mark the stress for ANY FIVE of the following words : (5 × 1 = 5)

1) University
2) preacher
3) study
4) pageant
5) idea
6) opinion
7) tourism
8) suffering
9) atmosphere
10) consumer
1) University = Uni’versity
2) preacher = ‘preacher
3) study = ‘study
4) pageant = ‘pageant
5) idea = i’dea
6) opinion = o’pinion
7) tourism = ‘tourism
8) suffering = ‘suffering
9) atmosphere = a’tmosphere
10) consumer = con’sumer

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