AP Inter 2nd Year English Model Paper Set 3 with Solutions

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AP Inter 2nd Year English Model Paper Set 3 with Solutions

Time : 3 Hours
Max. Marks : 100


I. Annotate ANY TWO of the following in about 10-15 lines each : (2 × 4 = 8)

Question 1.
Studies serve for delight, for ornament and for ability.
Context: This line is taken from the essay “Of Studies” written by Francis Bacon. He was called the Father of English Essay. This line is about the benefits of studies.

Explanation : We get delight when we read a book. When we are at leisure, we read and enjoy. Reading enriches our capacity of communication and judgement. Thus it makes us efficient and it is like an ornament. Effective thinking and perfect knowledge are possible by studies. Many people take the advice of a man who studies well.

General Relevance: The short sentence, has got great meaning. Bacon’s sentences are aphoristic and are filled with sensitive views.

Question 2.
The idea of mercy and selfless charity can be put into practice; that is by looking upon work as worship.
Context: This sentence is taken from the essay “The Secret of Work” written by Swami Vivekananda. It is about the secret of work, which according to Vivekananda. is to work like a master. He said ‘Work is Worship”.

Explanation: In the concluding lines, Vivekananda stresses the need of taking work as worship. When you work without any selfish ends, it becomes merciful. Real love is shown by the individual. Every effort is taken up and the result will be fruitful. This work is like a worship. Attachment does not exist any where. If work is worship, charity and love shall be the fruit.

General Relevance : Swami Vivekananda, aims at real service to the society. Selflessness and love are the things we get from real work. It is possible to those who believe that work is worship.

Question 3.
We watched the growth of a plant being traced out automatically be a need on a sheet of smoked glass.
Context: This passage is taken from the essay ‘J.C.Bose’ written by Aldous Huxley. He was an English writer. The passage is about the experimentation of J.C.Bose.

Explanation: The construction of the machines at Bose Institute in Calcutta, was made with simple things like the clockwork, needles, filaments etc. But they helped the experimenter to find out mysterious things. The growth of a plant, the suffering of the plant when it is poisoned and the death of the plant, were shown on the screen. A smoked glass was used as the screen. The graph over the screen had ups and downs to show the agony. When the undulations were stopped the plant lost it life. It was visible in the Bose Institute.

General Relevance : Even though the growth of the plant, the heart beat of a plant and the agony of a plant could hot be seen with a naked eye, they are visible on the screen arranged, in the machine at Bose Institute.

AP Inter 2nd Year English Model Paper Set 3 with Solutions

Question 4.
People that value its previlege about its principles soon lose both.
Context: This passage is taken from the essay “Learning from the West” written by N.R.Narayana Murthy. The writer was a great Industrialist and a Writer. Here he writes about the virtues, one should possess in life.

Explanation : While expanding his views about community behaviour, he suggests that the people of India, should learn something from the West. He takes a number of quotations from eminent men and explained the. cause. Here the words of ‘Dwight Eisenhower’ are given. There are principles and they carry privileges. Principles are there. They should be respected understand that principles shall disappear along with privileges. The statement is clear that people are greedy to get benefited both ways but both are lost.

General Relevance : To get the principles succeeded, we must leave our privileges. The effort shall be respectful and we get the real benefit.

II. Annotate ANY TWO of the following in about 10-15 lines each : (2 × 4 = 8)

Question 1.
All is if I have grace to use it so
as ever in my great task master’s eye.
Context: These lines are taken from the poem “On His Having Arrived at the Age of Twenty Three”. It was written by the epic poet John Milton. These lines explain the introspection of John Milton.

Explanation : The poet has a thirst to get the talent of writing. He becomes a grown up men now. Having attained the age of 23 years, he finds himself to be behind his age. He complains that he is not completely ripened. Then he falls into introspection. The great taskmaster is God. He is ready to do whatever is needed for an individual. If he shows grace, everything will be successful. So, the poet now yields to the will of God. He prays that; his talents should be guided according to God only. He knows that everything is in the hands of the great taskmaster, God. Thus the problem has a solution in the last six lines of the sonnet.

General Relevance: God is Omnipotent. He is all powerful. So, one has to submit to God. The desires and wants are to be answered by God only.

Question 2.
Up ! Up ! my friend and clear your looks
Why all this toil and trouble.
Context : These lines are taken from the poem ‘The Tables Turned” written by William Wordsworth. These lines suggest how the poet creates interest in the study of nature.

Explanation : William Wordsworth was a romantic poet. He wants the tables having books on them should be turned. He wishes that the books should be thrown away. He thinks that mere study of books for knowledge is not advisable. It is nothing but a waste of time and an unnecessary task. Whole of the nature gives education to an open mind. The secret of creation, the abundance of this world and all the other things could be gathered by the study of nature.

General relevance: The poet wants people to turn to the wealth in nature given by God. There is every possibility to learn from nature and so books should be given second priority.

Question 3.
I am their wall against all danger,
Their door against the wind and show.
Context: These are the lines taken from the poem “Any Woman” written by the British writer, Katharine Tynan. It is about the sacred place of a mother in the family.

Explanation: The mother is like a pillar in the family. She takes care of the children every now and then. She gives warmth to the children. She keeps them united. She shows her love and keeps them ‘safe in her lap. She is like a wall when there is a danger for the children. She saves them from the winds and rain. Just like a bird guarding her chicks, the mother saves her children from the outwards dangers. In this world she refines her children, to be fit for future life.

General Relevance : A mother is like a mother bird, to the children. Natural calamities create problems but the mother does not leave her children to their fate. She is always at their rescue.

Question 4.
Let us do our work as well
Both the unseen and the seen
Context: These lines are taken from the poem “The Builders” written by H.W Longfellow. Here people are compared to builders. ’ The life is the structure and time controls it.

Explanation: According to the poet, an individual is the builder of his own life. While the building of life is constructed, it is obvious that lapses exist. One may think them to be negligible but the poet warns to be careful about everything. Whether small or big, the block should be acceptable to God. The qualities of the individuals, should be good without any blemish. Life shall be meritorious only when each and every minute is particular about the quality.

General Relevance : Life’s merits like beauty, tranquility and peace should be observed minutely. The poet expects perfect quality in one’s life.

III. Answer ANY TWO of the following questions in about 10-15 lines each question. (2 × 4 = 8)

Question 1.
How do studies cure the diseases of the mind ?
Francis Bacon was a great English essayist. In the essay ‘Of Studies’, he gives the benefits of studies and the importance of reading books. Being an essayist with great knowledge and experience, he tells us that studies are useful to cure some diseases of the mind. History can improve wisdom and poetry can improve imagination. Physical exercies cure the body weaknesses. Similarly, mathematics can cure the weakness of wavering mind. Weak thinking can be cured by the study of philosophy. For memory loss, the study of law shall. work as a remedy. Thus study of books is useful not only to acquire knowledge but also to get the weaknesses treated.

AP Inter 2nd Year English Model Paper Set 3 with Solutions

Question 2.
What does Vivekamanda say about a man of character ?
Swami Vivekananda was a great thinker and an orator. He became the disciple of Sri Ramakrishna Paramahamsa. He said ‘Work is Worship”. In this world, according to Vivekananda, ignorance is seen every where. It is the cause for all the miseries. In the Gita, the importance of continuous work, is explained. In every work there is good and evil. If an individual does good deeds, his character is great. He-will never allow the bad in his deeds to come out, Good thoughts and good deeds will establish his character. He continues following good action only. The secret of work lies in non-attachment. It can be called Samskara. Thus good character is needed for a good citizen.

Question 3.
Explain the experiments of Bose about the growth and reaction of plant.
Aldous Huxley was an English Writer. He wrote a number of books. ‘J.C.Bose’ is an essay taken from the book “Testing Pilate:” It is about the experimenting on Science and Technology. The author visited the institute of J.C.Bose, in Calcutta. He found that very small things were used by the scientist. At the institute the growth of a plant was shown on a smoked glass. While feeding, a plant exhaled oxygen and when the vessel was full, there rang a small bell.

If there was sunlight on the plant, the bell rang often. When it was gloomy, the bell stopped ringing. If a stimulant was added the bell rang wildly. Thus the growth and reaction of a plant was shown by J.C.Bose.

Question 4.
Give a list of lessons that Narayana Murthy feels we should learn from the west ?
N.R.Narayana Murthy is a brilliant Industrialist and Writer. In the essay “Learning from the West”, he gives a list of things that the Indians should learn from the west.

Narayana Murthy likes the tendency of community thinking, ‘ seen in the West. There is no corruption in the Western society. The Indians want to get bribe at every stage. Problems of the society, are preferred. The people of the West are accountable to the work they do.

Dignity of labour, merit in professionalism, keeping up the vows are the merits of the people in the West. Similarly, we should learn the lessons given by Narayana Murthy.

IV. Answer ANY TWO of the following questions in about 10-15 lines each. (2 × 4 = 8)

Question 1.
‘Time and Tide wait for noman is an old saying. Discuss this in the context of the poem ‘On his having arrived at the age of twenty three.
John Milton was an epic poet. He writes in a grand style. “On His Having Arrived at the Age of Twenty Three” is a sonnet, written by this poet. Here the saying of ‘Time and Tide wait for no man’ is suitable to be discussed. It is a fact that the tides in the sea move on to the shores at a high speed and they cannot be stopped by anything. Similarly time does not stay or stop at any place. It is a natural phenomena. The consumption of time is a continuous process. Milton looks to himself and wonders how his years have passed away. He cannot find a reason in the beginning. So he complains against God. But after , introspection, he finds a solace. He thinks that time does not wait for „ him or for his maturity. Thus the saying can be applied to the views of John Milton.

Question 2.
Why does Wordswoth consider nature to be a good teacher ?
‘The Tables Turned’ is a famous poem written by William Wordsworth. He was a romantic poet and his love towards nature is of great value. The poet believes that nature is the main source for t education. From books, we learn only a little but nature gives us complete knowledge. The beautiful scenery, the Lustrous plants and trees, the birds and all that is there give us complete knowledge of the creation. The birds do not read books but they know the secrets of this world. For research, we dissect and kill certain creatures. But if we have an affectionate heart, we can acquire a lot of knowledge from the nature. So, the poet thinks that the nature is a good teacher.

Question 3.
The poem”Any woman” is a celebration of the glory of womanhood. Illustrate.
The poem “Any Woman” was written by Katharine Tynan, a British writer. She produced a number of novels and poems and became a noted writer. Any woman is a poem depicting the supremacy of a woman in the family. She loves her children and guards them carefully.

Without a woman’ there is no house of recognition. A mother takes care of the children providing food and shelter. She keeps the house neat and tidy. She protects them at the time of danger. If the mother leaves a child, he will be spoiled. She is like a pillar in the house and keeps the house graceful. A good woman brings respect to the family.

AP Inter 2nd Year English Model Paper Set 3 with Solutions

Question 4.
What is the central idea of the poem “The Builders”.
‘The Builders’ is an interesting poem written by the great American poet “H.W Longfellow”. The poet compares men to builders. The poet tells that all the people are the builders of their fate.

Yesterday’s experience becomes today’s base and the experience is like a block, used in the construction. Everything is useful for the r construction of the building. There should be no short comings in one’s behaviour. God should accept the brick. The building tumbles down, if the small mistakes in character are accepted. Today’s t experience is the base for tomorrow. Thus the building of character, depends upon the person himself. In the poem, the rhyme scheme is, ABAB. It is a lyric poem.

V. Answer ANY ONE of the following questions in about 25 lines : (1 × 8 = 8)

Question 1.
Write a character sketch of Tom sawyer.
Tom Sawyer was the young hero in the novel “The Adventures of Tom Sawyer” written by Mark Twaim, an American writer. Tom was a boy of a tender age. He was a misfit in the school. His behaviour with Becky Thatcher is interesting because he had a liking for her. He expressed it boldy. He was equally like by the girl. Tom had another friend, Huck leberry Finn, who was emtidy, and spent his time fishing and swimming. Tom liked this boy because he wanted to have adventures in life.

Tom went to the graveyard one day along with Huck, to see the ghosts. It was a mysterious experience for him. The three men who came there to rob a dead body quarrelled among themselves. One of them, a doctor was killed by Injun Joe. Tom was frightened to watch Injun killing the doctor. Tom had a liking to wander and his stay at Jackson’s island, was wonderful.

The parents arranged a funeral, thinking that Tom and Huck were dead, which indeed created a humorous occasion for Tom’s jolly mind. Tom’s presence at the church created a hilarious situation. Tom’s determination to save Muff Potter and his brave witness at the court, adds to his virtuous behaviour. His relationship with Becky Thatcher was very much appreciative.

Tom wanted to save Widow Bougals. His determination to punish Injun Joe and his pursuasion in the search of the treasure in the cave, were note worthy. Tom got the treasure and changed Huck, the dirty, lazy and unworthy boy to a neat and tidy boy. Thus Tom was typical of the days of Mark Twainer in America.

Question 2.
What is the part played by Injun joe in the life of Tom sawyer ?
Mark Twain carved interesting characters in the novel “The Adventures of Tom Sawyer”. The main character is Tom Sawyer but there are other important characters, fulfilling the background to make, Tom an impressive one. One such character is Injun Joe, the individual with villainy.

Injun Joe was seen by Tom and Huck at the burial ground. He was one among the three who came to steal a dead body. As there was a tussle among themselves Injun did not hesitate to kill the doctor. He made Muff the other person of the three believe that he had killed the doctor, in his drunken stage. This behaviour of Injun was a frightening experience to Tom.

In addition to this at the court also Injun escaped through the window, when Tom gave his witness against him. Tom’s impression still strengthened. He wanted to punish the villain some how or the other. Injun was after the hunt of the treasure for which he entered the cave. The judge closed the door. So he could not come out and died of hunger. Now Tom had great satisfaction because the world could get rid of a dangerous man.
Tom Sawyer was of a tender age. His character could become complete with the activities and their effect upon it.

Question 3.
What are the turning points in the story’ The adventures of Tom. sawyer ? Discuss the main events in the plot ?
Mark Twain, wrote the novel “The adventures of Tom Sawyer”. The story of Tom Sawyer is narrated by the writer, with interesting turning points at different places. The story moves round the tender boy Tom Sawyer. He was being brought up by Aunt Polly. At the school, there was an interesting episode. He got punishment but he drew a beautiful picture. He showed love towards Becky, a girl HT the class. There is a turning point at the graveyard. The Triurder of the doctor, by Injun Joe, created frustration in the minds of Tom and Huck. It continued throughout the story-until the person died in the cave.

There is an important point, when they attended the funeral function. It adds to the humour of the novel. Muff Potter was jailed but Tom gave witness before the judge and he was set free. Becky’s parents arranged a picnic. Tom and Becky were caught in the cave but were saved. The judge arranged an iron door. This door became the cause for the death bf the villain Injun Joe at the end. Huck was adopted by Widow Dougals. He became a person with culture.

Afterwards Tom wanted to form a pirate gang and Huck would become the bold pirate. Thus, there are some turning points which make the story interesting.

AP Inter 2nd Year English Model Paper Set 3 with Solutions


VI. Read the following passage carefully and answer the questions that follow: (5 × 1 = 5)

Of the two river systems, that of the Indus, now mainly in Pakistan, had the earliest civilization, and gave its name to India. The Indians knew the river as Sindhu, and the Persians, who found difficulty in pronouncing an initials, called it Hindu. From Persia the word passed to Greece, where the whole of India became known by the western river. The ancient Indians knew their sub-continent as Jambudvipa (the continent of jambu tree) or Bharatavarsha (the land of the sons of Bharata, a legendary emperor). With Muslim invasion the Persian name returned in the form of Hindustan, and those of its inhabitants who. followed the old religion became known as Hindus.

More than two thousand years before Christ the fertile plain of the Punjab (five rivers), watered by the five great tributaries of the Indus – the Jhelem, Chenab, Ravi, Sutlej, and Beas – had a high culture, which spread as far as the sea and along the western seaboard at least as far as Gujarat. The lower Indus, in the region of Pakistan known as Sind, now passes through barren desert, though this was once a well watered and fertile land.

Questions :
1. Which river gave its name to India ?
Indus / Sindhu.

2. Why did the Persians call Sindhu as Hindu ?
Because they had difficulty in pronouncing the initials in Sindhu.

3. Why was India named Jambudvipa and Bharatavarsha in olden day$ ?
Jambudvipa (the continent of jambu tree) or Bharatavarsha (the land of the sons of Bharata, a legendary emperor.

4. Who called India Hindustan ?
Muslim invaders / Muslims.

5. How does Punjab get its name ?
Punjab means five rivers. It is watered by the five great tribu-taries of the Indus the Jhelem, Chenab, Ravi, Sutlej and Beas.

VII. Read the passage carefully and answer the questions that follow: (5 × 1 = 5)

They took a small boat and went down the Mississippi River to Mc.Dougal’s Cave. ‘Look, Huck, here’s the other entrance,’ said Tom. ‘It’s very small,’ said Huck. Tom and Huck went into the cave. They were careful and used the long string to help them. Tom suddenly stopped and said, ‘I saw Injun Joe here. ‘His ghost is probably here too,’ said Huck, ‘Let’s go now !’ ‘His ghost isn’t here. It’s probably at the other entrance.1 Well, alright. But let’s hurry,’ said Huck. Tom looked around slowly and then cried. ‘Look here’s the cross !’ There was a black cross on the wall of the cave. You’re right! It’s the cross ! said Huck. Let’s big under the cross.’ They dug and dug. Finally they found a small room. There was a small bed, some old candles and a Tew bottles.

And there was the treasure box ! They opened it and saw the gold and silver coins. We’re rich Tom, we’re rich !’ cried Huck, This is wonderful!’ ‘I always knew it!’ said Tom, ‘Now let’s take out treasure and leave.’ They followed the long string and were soon out of the cave.

Questions :
1. Why did Tom and Huck return to the cave after such a bitter experience ?
To find out and take Injun Joe’s treasure.

2. State true or false.
Tom and Huck believe in ghosts.

3. What did Tom and Huck use to help them in the cave ?
The long string.

4. Where did they find the treasure box ?
Near a black cross, in a small room.

5. Where did they take the treasure box to ?
To Aunt Polly’s house.

AP Inter 2nd Year English Model Paper Set 3 with Solutions

VIII. Study the advertisement and answer the questions that follow: (5 × 1 = 5)
AP Inter 2nd Year English Model Paper Set 3 with Solutions 1
Questions :
1. Who issued the advertisement ?
West Bengal Telecom.

2. Who is India’s largest network provider ?

3. What is the motto of BSNL ?
Connecting India faster.

4. Name two more networks mentioned in the advertisement.
Reliance and Tata Docomo.

5. What is the customer care number if you call from a BSNL network ?

IX. Study the following bar graph shows week-wise sales of a certain product in the months of July and August.
AP Inter 2nd Year English Model Paper Set 3 with Solutions 2
Questions :
1. What does the diagram show ?
Week-wise sales of a certain product in the months of July and August.

2. What is the maximum sale in each month ?
July – 900, August – 900.

3. In which week and month was the sales least ?
1st week of July.

4. State true or false.
In the month of July maximum sale was done in the last week.

5. The sales of — week in the month of July is equal to the sales of —– week in the month of August.
4th week, 2nd week.


X. Write a letter to the editor of a local daily on acute shortage of water in summer ? (1 × 5 = 5)
2-3-55 Nehru nagar

15 – 5 – 2019

The Editor
The Hindu
Sub : News item for publication in the daily-reg.
I am a resident of Nehru Nagar, vijayawada. I request you publish the following news item in your esteemed daily.
This year, summer has entered a bit earlier. It is very severe now, whole of the Wells and borewells have been dried up. People are left in acute shortage of water. Some organisations arranged water tankers for supply but they but not coming at the right time. They do not stay here for a reasonable time. Children and old people are suffering a lot. People are looking forward for response from Municipal authorities, for proper arrangements.
Thanking you
Yours faithfully


Write a letter to your local sub inspector of police on the eve tfeasing you witnessed when you were going to college and at the bus stop waiting for the bus.
5-15, Rajupeta


The Sub-Inspector of police
Police Station no.5
Sub : Complaint against eveteasing-regarding.
I am a resident of R.Peta. I want to bring the following to your notice. While I was going to college, I witnessed an event of eveteasing at the bus stop. These days girls have been suffering a lot because of the emruly attitude of some boys. Two girls we waiting for the bus. Two or three boys who were standing at the bus stop, tried to comment in a hateful way. The indirect statements of the boys hurt the girls but they could not do anything. It has become a regular nuisance at certain places.
So, I request you to curb this evil by arranging frequent visits of the police officials.
Thanking you
Yours faithfully
Krishna Rao.

AP Inter 2nd Year English Model Paper Set 3 with Solutions

XI. Write a short paragraph of about 8 lines describing the process of how you get ready for college regularly. (1 × 5 = 5)
These days study to a college, needs so much care and preparation. Everyday I have to attend my college at 8 A.M. So, I get up at 6 A.M and finish off the daiy chores in time. I should not be lazy in getting up from bed. I will have an eye upon anytime table, to sort out the books necessary. I have to verify whether all the Home work given has been finished or not. As, I go to college by bus, I must start from my house early. I will take the breakfast, sufficiently early. My mother keeps the box of meals ready. I will take water in a bottle. The bag of books is kept ready and so, I go to the main road taking the bag, the bottle and others. I wait there until the college bus arrives the point of halt. Then I reach the college and go on with the classwork. It is a routime work.


Write a short paragraph of about 8 lines describe the process of paying electricity bill on line.
These days everything is being operated online. Online process is an easy one and now-a-days people are much inclined to get the things done through this new device. First we have to search for the site of electricity bills. We have to feed the number of our connection carefully. We get the information of the amount to be paid. We must have the bank account Of online payment in our phone. Then, the amount shall be deducted and shall be paid to the account of the department. As we finish the process, a message shall be sent to us about the transaction. All this takes only a few minutes and thus the process helps us to feel happy.

XII. Prepare a curriculum vitae. (1 × 5 = 5)

M. Suman Karthik – aged 28 years – M.A(English) B.Ed., – good communication and problem solving skills – M.A from S.V. University, Tirupati – 72%. B.A (Adv. English) – Govt. Degree College (Autonomous), Ananthapuram – 76%- B.Ed-S.K. University, Ananthapuram Intermediate (HEC) – Govt. Junior College, Ananthapuram-teacher in English for three years- applying for Junior Lecturer in English post – St. Joseph’s Junior College, Ongole.
M. Suman Karthik
5/12 Padmavathi Street

15 June, 2019

The Correspondent
St. Joseph’s Junior College
Sub : Application for the job of Jr. Lecturer in English – regarding.
In response to the advertisement in the newspaper of June 10, 2019, I wish to apply for the post of Jr. Lecturer in English. As per only qualifications, I passed M.A. with 72% of marks. I have good academic record.
So, I request you to appoint me and oblige.

Yours Faithfully .
M. Suman Karthik
Enclosures : Resume, Copies of Certificates.

M. Suman Karthik
5/12 Padmavathi Street

Junior Lecturer in English in St. Joseph’s Jr. College, Ongole.

2014 – 2016 – MA. English Literature – S.V. University – Tirupathi – 72%.
2013 – 2014 – B.Ed. S.K. University, Ananthapuram.
2011 -2013 – B.A (Adv. English) Govt. Degree College, (Autonomous) Ananthapuram – 76%.
2008 – 2010 – Intermediate (H.E.C) Govt. Jr. College, Ananthapuram.
2007 – 2008 – S.S.C Board of Secondary Education, AP.

Worked as teacher in English for three years from 2016 – 2019.

Good Communication and Problem Solving Skills.

Languages Known: English, Telugu and Hindi
Hobbies: Reading Books
Father’s name : Sri. M. Subrahmanyam
Reference : Available on requisition.

I here by declare that the details furnished above are true and correct to the best of my knowledge and belief.

M. Suman Karthik

Place : Ananthapuram,
Date : 15 April, 2019

AP Inter 2nd Year English Model Paper Set 3 with Solutions

XIII. Fill in the form. (10 × 1/2 = 5)

Ms. Meenakshi Aakula went to Main Branch of Andhra Bank, Rajampet on 28th August 2019 for purchasing a demand draft for rupees 3,500 (in 7 notes of 500/- denomination) in favour of .the Director, SV University, Tirupati to be payable at SVU branch of AB. The exchange to be paid is Rs. 20/- (1 note of 20/denomination).
AP Inter 2nd Year English Model Paper Set 3 with Solutions 3
1) SV University
2) Date
3) Demand Draft
4) MS. Meenakshi Aakula
5) (a) Draft (b) Three thousand Five Hundred
6) 20/-
7) 3,500
8) 500 × 7
9) 20 × 1
10) Signature (Name)

XIV. Write a dialogue between two friends who have met after two years and who are trying to update themselves about each other. (1 × 5 = 5)
Satyam : Hello, Sastri, what a surprise! We have met after a long time.
Sastri : Hello, Satyam. Really! we have met after two years. Where have you been these days ?
Satyam : I got a job in Delhi after B.Tech. Now, I am a software engineer in the city. What about you ?
Sastri : I got a seat at Tata Institute, in M.Tech course. I completed the course and now I am posted to a reputed company in Hyderabad.
Satyam : Very glad. You are lucky to get a job in Hyderabad. By the by, what about your parents ? Are they residency in Vijayawada ?
Sastri : Yes. They are in good health. My father got retired from the job. They are living in Vijayawada only.
Satyam : OK, I will meet them in Vijayawada. My parents are also there.
Sastri : Sure, we will spend a day or two there in Vijayawada.
Satyam : OK, Bye.
Sastri : Bye.


A dialogue at the post office about sending a letter by speed post.
At the post office :
Venkat : Excuse me sir.
Counter Clerk : Yes, what can I do for you ?
Venkat : Sir, I want to send this letter.
Clerk : Do you want to send it by registered post or speed post ?
Venkat : Sir, which is better ?
Clerk : You’d better send it by speed post. It might be quicker.
Venkat : OK. Sir, Please do it by speed post.
Clerk : Let me weigh this letter. It’s just ever 30 grams. It’ll cost you forty rupees.
Venkat : OK. Sir, here is amount.
Clerk : Here is the receipt and change.
Venkat : Sir, how many days, Will take it to reach Delhi ?
Clerk : It will reach Delhi within three days. Within a state, it takes two days and to the other states, it takes three days.
Venkat : Thank you sir.
Clerk : You’re welcome.

AP Inter 2nd Year English Model Paper Set 3 with Solutions

XV. Read the following passage and make notes. (1 × 5 = 5)

Yoga is good for the mind and body. Regular practice of yoga helps people to improve their balance and stamina. Although you won’t really get out of breath, like you might playing football or running, it does help to keep your heart healthy and you can lose weight. It can also help with back pain.

The breathing taught in yoga can help people to reduce stress and anxiety. There are lots of different possible breathing patterns you can do. Yoga also improves concentration and helps people to sleep better so it’s great for anyone who’s under pressure at work’or in their studies.

There are lots of different types of yoga, so you can choose what suits you best. Hatha Yoga is often good for beginners, because you hold each position for a few breaths. In Vinyasa , Yoga you change position much more quickly and you might get out of breath. It’s quite challenging if you haven’t done much yoga before. Bikram Yoga is sometimes called ‘hot yoga’, be cause the room must be heated to around 40 degrees. As well as these and other’ more traditional forms of yoga, there are ‘ also some more unusual modem forms of yoga. For example, you might enjoy ‘laughter yoga’, where people do breathing exercises and laugh about nothing in particular – laughing is very ‘ good for your health. Or what about ‘Aeroyoga’, where you do yoga while you are hanging from the ceiling ? It’s supposed to be very good for your back. Or Doga’, where you do yoga together with your pet dog ?
Whatever kind of yoga you choose, there are definitely some health benefits, and you should have fun too.

Yoga useful for mind and body – balance and stamina – playing football – heart healthy – breathing taught in yoga – reduces stress and anxiety – improves concentration.
Different types of yoga – Hatha yoga, Vinyasa yoga, Bikram yoga, modem ways – laughter yoga – good for health – yoga hanging over the ceiling, yoga with your pet dog – each of these have benefits and fun also.

XVI. Match the words in Column ‘A’ with their meanings/definitions in Column ‘B’. (5 × 1 = 5)

Column ‘A’ Column ‘B’
1. temporal a. work together
2. collaborate b. one ruler
3. interrupt c. to judge before
4. monarch d. of time
5. prejudice e. burst between or among (which results in disturbing or stopping the work)
f. talk by a single person, usually to oneself
g. beautifully expressive talking


Column ‘A’ Column ‘B’
1. temporal d. of time
2.collaborate a. work together
3. interrupt e. burst between or among (which results in disturbing or stopping the work)
4. monarch b. one ruler
5. prejudice c. to judge before

AP Inter 2nd Year English Model Paper Set 3 with Solutions

XVII. Mark the stress for ANY FIVE of the following words : (5 × 1 = 5)

1) telegraphy
2) agony
3) conflict
4) reflex
5) impulse
6) Inspiration
7) intellectually
8) secure
9) achievement
10) demonstrated.
1) telegraph = te’legraph
2) agony = ‘agony
3) conflict = ‘conflict
4) reflex = re’flex
5) impulse = im’pulse
6) Inspiration = ‘Inspiration
7) intellectually = in’tellectually
8) secure = ‘secure
9) achievement = a’chievement
10) demonstrated = de’monstrated.

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