TS 10th Class English News Report Writing

These TS 9th Class English Important Questions News Report Writing will help the students to improve their time and approach.

TS 9th Class English News Report Writing

Question 1.
Diverse dunce forms demonstrate the unity in diversity. Write a report in about 80-100 words on the Regional Dance Competition that you witnessed.

Regional Dance Competition
– by Gautam

Hyderabad, November 10 :
To showcase the rich heritage of dances; the dancers focused on Dandiya, Bharatanatyam, Bhangra and Maharastrian dance. The folk music, thumping of feet and the rhythmic beat of the drums created magical moments. The audience also participated by clapping at the beat of dances. The bamboo dance, especially the Naga dance were chosen to be performed again.

The colourful dresses and the rhythmic and well-choreographed moves transported the audience to the times when folk dance and music were cherished and the young and the old participated with great enthusiasm. The children felt proud to be rooted in the unique cultural heritage of the country. The judges appreciated the initiative that aimed to instil not only the spirit of unity in diversity but also helped the students to develop a taste towards classical dances. The judgement based on expression, props and coordination declared state dancers from Tamil Nadu as the best, followed by dancers from Chandigarh.

Question 2.
Vanamahotsav aims at ‘Grow more trees’. Write a newspaper report in 80-100 words on Plantation Drive organised by your school.

Tree Plantation Drive
– by Abhilash / The Hindu

Hyderabad, July 29 :
The young environmentalists undertook the tree plantation drive on July 29 at the Ridge road adjoining Rajendra Nagar. The whole-hearted participation from the students, parents and teachers, undoubtedly, facilitated environmental awareness among the knowledge – community and the general public. Dr. Gautam lauded the efforts of the school towards the betterment of the society. He stressed that it was imperative for the first generation to learn about environmental care and augmentation.

Children also participated in painting competition and numerous fun-filled activities like wall climbing, rope-ladder and horse riding. Everybody hummed the tunes of the tree-songs that were continuously played in the background.

TS 9th Class English News Report Writing

Question 3.
You attended the workshop on Biodiversity. Write the newspaper report in 80-100 words expressing your opinions and experience about it.

Workshop – Biodiversity on Edge
– By Nikitha / The Hindu

Hyderabad, August 8 :
The workshop was organised by the Department of Environment (Government of Telangana) in association with the Indian Environment Society on August 8 at Hyderabad secretariat. It was attended by two teachers and eight students.

The resource persons Dr. Wadhwa, Dr. Chetna, Dr. Aika and Dr. Desh Bandhu imparted their profound thoughts that left an indelible mark on the audience. They stressed on biodiversity which meant number, variety and variability of all youth life forms on Earth. The workshop was divided into three different levels – Genetic Diversity, Species Diversity and Community Diversity. The objective of the workshop was to make the children aware about the conservation and sustainability of life- form. The response of participating schools was quite encouraging and the session proved highly beneficial. The interactive and informative sessions conducted by the esteemed faculty greatly helped to change our mindsets towards all life forms.

Question 4.
Write a report using the clues given below.
Bombay : 14 March 2012
11.20 am

Bomb blast – Bombay Stock Exchange – very powerful explosion – building shook- 35 people died

A handicapped seen placing a sack in a new Bajaj scooter – not seen again – police claim it was RDX – powerful explosive material – 3 suspects arrested-Red alert issued in all metropolitan cities – interpol informed – all international Airports sealed – Prime Minister, Chief Minister call for maintaining communal peace

Bomb Explosion in Bombay Stock Exchange

Bombay : 15th March 20xx

There, was a bomb blast yesterday at about 11.20 am in the Bombay Stock Exchange building. The entire building shook after a very powerful explosion. The people ran for safety. But those caught in the explosion were blown to bits. 35 people are said to have been killed in this act of violence.

It is alleged that a handicapped person was seen placing a sack in a new Bajaj scooter. He was not seen again. The scooter remained there for fifteen minutes just near the main entrance of the building. Police claimed RDXC (Research Developed Explosive), the most powerful explosive, was used in the bomb. Three persons have so far been arrested. The Prime Minister and the Chief Minister of Maharashtra have called upon the people to maintain communal peace and harmony in this hour of tragedy.

TS 9th Class English News Report Writing

Question 5.
Suppose you are Gautam/Gowthami, news correspondent of “The Times of India”. You have been invited to cover workshop on ‘Disaster management’, being organised by Wisdom Public School, Hyderabad in association with the Indian Red Cross Society. Write a report, on the workshop, for your newspaper, in 120 – 150 words.

Workshop on Disaster Management
– By Gautam / Gowthami [Student reporter]

Hyderabad : 12 September, 20xx

Keeping in view the frequent occurrences of earthquakes, Wisdom Public School, Hyderabad in association with the Indian Red Cross Society, organised a talk On Disaster Management. Around 120 teachers and 300 students from various educational institutions participated in the workshop. Mr. Mohinder Singh, the society secretary was the main speaker. He cited statistics from World Disaster Report and identified the areas which are more vulnerable to earthquake in the states.

He also explained the precautionary measures to be taken by the public and the.government in case of emergency. The session included a multimedia presentation on the alteranate in the disaster struck areas of Jammu and Kashmir and Pakistan. Mrs. Pauline, secretary ‘Seva an NGO’ was the other resource person! She focused on the capacity assessment, highlighted the problem of rehabilitation and relief work. Mock evacuation drill was also conducted by the volunteers from the NCC team of the school. The workshop was really enlightening for one and all.

Question 6.
On February 24, 2006 a group of students of your school visited the Rashtrapati Bhavan on the invitation of President Dr. A.P. J. Abdul Kalam. Write a brief report of the visit for your school magazine.

A Date with the President
– By Gautam Abhilash

Stepping into the Rashtrapati Bhavan, talking to the President and dining with him, might be something that most of us can only dream about. But on February 24, 2006 our dreams were realised and we were invited by DrAP.J. Abdul Kalam to the Rashtrapati Bhavan. We were accompanied by Mrs. Namrata Gakhar and Mrs. S.S. Gupta. Our day started early in the morning at eight o’clock when we were asked to be present at India Gate. From there, two buses took us to the Rashtrapati Bhavan.

After a few security checks we entered the portals of the residence of India’s First Citizen. The lobby was truly impressive with the portraits of all the past Presidents. We got a chance to meet the family members of Dr. Kalam.

Next, we saw the Mughal Gardens. Finally we were taken to the Ashoka Hall. We were spell bound by the beautiful paintings some of which had not been given a face-lift since the establishment of the building but still looked magnificent as if they were set up yesterday. The ceiling had an oval centerpiece made of camel skin and the carpets were from Persia that were brought and installed in 1920 and were still intact.

Later, we interacted with Dr. Kalam and he told us that if we want to hold the same position as he does, the only way to do it is to ‘sweat’ which means ‘to work hard’. After having answered all the questions of the children, he shared with us his 10 point programme for the youth of Inida. He made us take a pledge to work for the progress, unity and integrity of the nation. We felt so honoured when he joined us for lunch. Dr. Kalam’s simplicity and his philosophy completely mesmerised us.

Question 7.
Suppose you are Gautam, the staff correspondent of The Times of India. You get a call on your mobile phone about an accident. Prepare a newspaper report of the accident on the basis of the notes given below.
Agra – Mathura Road, Transport Nagar – Truck hits Bus – 4 injured including truck driver – seats 8, 9, 10 damaged – in Civil Hospital – case registred against truck driver – bus passengers leave – special bus

Truck Rams into Bus : 4 Injured
– By Gautam (Staff correspondent)

Subhash (17) would not have been writing his Grade XII Board Examination, had he not had a providential escape with minor injuries in a road accident that took place yesterday near Transport Nagar, Agra.

The bus (UP – 12 AG 4240) he was travelling by, met with an accident as it collided with a truck laden with steel rods. The bus was about to manoeuvre a crossing when the truck hit the road from Yamuna Nagar Byepass and before the bus driver Mahinder Singh (52 years) could realize or do anything, the truck rammed into the bus from the left and badly damaged seats 8, 9,10 seriously injuring passengers Harpeet Singh (36), his wife Surender Kaur (30) and Subhash (17) who was thrown out of his seat. Fortunately, all three escaped with minor injuries but the truck driver Charandas Ahlawat (46) was trapped in his seat with multiple injuries.

Responding to Subhash’s distress call for help on his mobile phone, the UP Highway – police patrol arrived within minutes and transferred all injured passengers to the Agra Civil Hospital. The police have impounded the truck (HR 45 – 3377) and registered a case against the driver for rash and negligent driving. The bus passengers left for their destination by a special UP Roadways bus.

Question 8.
Mid-day meals need quality-checks. Write a newspaper report in about 80-100 words about the adverse effect of the mid day meals.

Ninety Nine Students Fall Sick after Mid Day Meal
– By Abhilash

Medak, March 10 :
As many as ninety nine students of the Mandal Parishad Primary School became sick after consuming mid day meal in the school. The children started vomiting and complaining of stomach ache soon after taking food. They were rushed to the neighbouring General Hospital for treatment. The General Hospital, according to sources, declared that there were symptoms of ‘food infection’ of the affected children, five were administered drips and the remaining were given tablets. The students were kept under observation and none of them was reported to be serious. The Food Inspector also inspected the food served and the kitchen where the meal was prepared. Anxious parents were seen in front of the hospital gates, causing tension to the concerned public.

Question 9.
Write a newspaper report in 80-100 words on Annual Day celebrations.

Annual Day Celebrations
– By Nikita

Hyderabad, November 15 :
Lovely Public School celebrated its Annual Day on November 15. The district collector graced the occasion with his presence, as the chief guest. The event began with the lighting of the lamp. The mesmerizing invocation song set the mood for a memorable evening. The school choir sang melodious songs which touched almost every heart. The glorious achievements of school were highlighted by the principal.

The students who excelled in academics and co- curricular activities were awarded and motivated by the chief guest and the principal. A colourful cultural extravaganza “Shunya se Anant Tak” based on the theme was presented by the enthusiastic and exuberant students. It showcased the journey of human existence from the birth of the universe to the present day. It bubbled with scientific and technological developments that influence every aspect of mankind. The element dance, and the Robotics – dance stole the show.

The Chief Guest addressed the gathering by sharing his experiences and motivational thoughts. The Guest of Honour and the Chairman of the school encouraged and motivated the students. The special invitee, Mr. Rajanikanth-a renowned theatre and a movie actor motivated the young scholars to excel in their respective fields. The school also released its Annual News letter commemorating the achievements and activities of the school. It also showcased the literary acumen of the students. The vote of thanks was moved by the Head girl. The event ended with the national anthem

Question 10.
Science is not all about reading it, it is in doing that develops the scientific temper. Write a newspaper report in 80-100 words on the science exhibition held in your school.

Science Festival
– By Nikitha

Hyderabad, October 24 :
A global science festival was organised by the American Embassy at Delhi Public School, Hyderabad on October 24. To set the tone, a cultural show that encapsulated the dance performances by different schools and speeches by eminent educationists was conducted. Dr. Prabhakar inaugurated the exhibition. It was thrilling to see thedisplay of models and power point presentations by different schools. The exchange programme proved to be beneficial as the young minds came across the scientific blend of North and South. All the presentations focused on environmental issues and how they could be solved.

The exhibition truly changed the mindsets of the general masses to preserve environment for posterity. Renowned environmentalists delivered lectures and conducted workshops to help build the culture of scientific temper.

Question 11.
You were mesmerized on being spectator to Athletic Meet. Write a newspaper report in 80-100 words.

Athletic Meet
– By Abhilash

Warangal, November 14 :
Little Buds Public School celebrated its Annual Cultural and Athletic Meet with great verve and fervour on November 14 at the school grounds. To commence with the programme, there was the traditional lighting of the torch followed by march past by the Rajkumar band. Present on the occasion were many dignitaries and luminaries from diverse fields.

The choir group thrilled the audience with their melodious songs and dance performances. The choreography was simply par excellence. It was followed by the prize distribution ceremony. Special awards for excellence in varied sport-disciplines, music and art were conferred on the meritorious students. Vandana was awarded the best female athlete of the year and Gautam was awarded the best male athlete of the year.

The school principal congratulated the achievers and encouraged them that they were indeed the role-models for other students. The athletic feats of the performers won the hearts of the audience. Even the Guest of Honour was forced to laud the synergistic efforts of the competitors. It was indeed a spectacular event that had left an indelible mark on the audience.

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