AP Inter 2nd Year Zoology Notes Chapter 8 Applied Biology

Students can go through AP Inter 2nd Year Zoology Notes 8th Lesson Applied Biology will help students in revising the entire concepts quickly.

AP Inter 2nd Year Zoology Notes 8th Lesson Applied Biology

→ Animal husbandary is the agricultural practice of breeding and raising livestocks include buffaloes, cows, pigs, horses, sheeps, goats, camels etc.

→ The superior milch’ buffalo breed is ‘Murrah’.

→ Improving the genetic merit of livestock populations is the concern of ammal breeding.

→ When crossing is done between animalsof the same breed, itis called inbreeding.

→ Mating between male parent and female offspring or female with male offspring as called close breeding.

→ Line breeding is the selective breeding of animals for a desired feature by mating them with in a closely related line.

→ In breeding increases homozygosity.

AP Inter 2nd Year Zoology Notes Chapter 8 Applied Biology

→ Out breeding is the breeding of the unrelated animals.

→ Out crossing is the practice of mating of animals within the same breed. Having no common ancestors.

→ Cross breeding is a mating between superior male of one breed and superior females of another breed.

→ In interspecific hybridization male and female animals of two different related species are mated.

→ Rearing of economically important birds is Poultry.

→ The birds which are raised exclusively for the production of eggs are called Layers.

→ The birds which are raised for their meat are called Broilers.

→ Padmasri Dr. B.V Rao is the father of modem poultry in India.

→ Birdflu is. caused by avianflu virus, the H5NI.

→ Apiculture is the maintenance of hives of honey bees for the production of honey and wax.

→ Fishery is an industry devoted to the catching, processing for storage in freezers and selling of fish or any other aquatic animals for human consumption.

→ Insulin as a protein hormone produced from β-cells of islets of Langerhans of the pancreas.

→ Human insulin made up of 51 aminoacids arranged in two polypeptide chains.

AP Inter 2nd Year Zoology Notes Chapter 8 Applied Biology

→ A vaccine is biological preparation that improves immunity to a particular disease.

→ Gene therapy is the insertion of genes into an individual’s cells and tissues to treat genetical disorders.

→ Animals that hve their own genome and had their DNA manipulated to possess and express an extra or foreign gene are known as transgenic animals.

→ Un controlled growth of the cell is called cancer.

→ Carcinomas — Cancers of epithelial cells.

→ Sarcomas — Cancers of connective tissue.

→ Leukemias – Cancers of bone marrow cells, that involved is WBC production.

→ Lymphomas – Cancer of the lymphatic organs.

→ X-ray radiography is a technique to observe a human body parts and diagnose any anatomical variations.

→ MRI is useful to diagnose certain anatomical abnormalities or pathological conditions.

→ ECG is used for recording electrical changes in the heart.

→ EEGis the process of recording the electrical activity of the brain.

→ ELISA is a biochemical procedure to detect antigens or antibodies in the given sample.

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