AP Inter 2nd Year Sanskrit Study Material उपवाचकम् Chapter 2 वज्रं वज्रेण भिद्यते

Andhra Pradesh BIEAP AP Inter 2nd Year Sanskrit Study Material उपवाचकम् 2nd Lesson वज्रं वज्रेण भिद्यते Textbook Questions and Answers, Summary.

AP Inter 2nd Year Sanskrit Study Material Upavachakam 2nd Lesson वज्रं वज्रेण भिद्यते

Questions and Answers

प्रश्न 1.
द्रोणद्रुपदयोः सम्बन्धः कीदृशः?
द्रोणद्रुपदयोः स्नेहबन्धः अच्छेद्यः अविभाज्यः च। सः पटुचिक् कणात्मकः अभवत्।

प्रश्न 2.
बालानां कलहः कीदृशः?
बालानां कलहः तत्कालीनः भवति। बालाः कलहायन्ते अनन्तरं क्रीडन्ते च।

प्रश्न 3.
कृपी गोक्षीरं ददामीत्युक्त्वा पुत्राय किं दत्तवती?
कृपी गोक्षीरं ददामीत्युक्त्वा पुत्राय पिष्टमिश्रितजलं दत्तवती। तत् पीत्वा – अश्वत्थामा तुष्टः अभवत्।

प्रश्न 4.
केन द्रुपदः गर्वान्ध जातः?
द्रुपदः धनश्रिया गर्वान्धः जातः। एवम् अर्जुनः उक्तवान्।

वज्रं वज्रेण भिद्यते Summary in English

वज्रं वज्रेण भिद्यते Introduction

रूपकोऽयं पण्डित ओगेटि परीक्षित् शर्मामहोदयैः विरचितः। एते महाभागाः आन्ध्रदेशे २०-०८-१९३० दिनाङ्के जनि लेभिरे। एते गीर्वाणवाण्यां सप्तविंशातिनाटकानां प्रणेतारः, कालिदासपारितोषिकपुरस्कृतस्य यशोधरा महाकाव्यस्य रचयितारः, जनपदनृत्यगीतमअर्यादि जनपदगीतानां निर्मातारः तदभिनेतारश्च सन्ति। एतैः विरचितेषु नाटकेषु १४ पौरणिकानि, ६ ऐतिहासिकानि ७ सामाजिकानि च सन्ति। आधुनिककविमण्डले कनिष्ठिकाप्रथितास्त्वेते नैकपुरस्कारैः पुरस्कृताः। तेषु मध्यप्रदेशशासनेन प्रदत्तः कालिदास-पुरस्कारः विशिष्टं स्थानमावहति। १९९० वत्सरे एतैः श्रीमत्प्रतापरामायण-महाकाव्यस्य साहित्यअकादमी पुरस्कारश्च प्राप्तः। एते संस्कृत-आन्ध्र-अङ्ग्ल-हिन्दी-मराठी भाषासु प्रवीणाः। पण्डित-महाकवि-गीर्वाणगेयकविमण्डलचक्रवर्ती-त्यादिबिरुदैः सत्कृता एते महाशयाः।

Sri Ogeti Parikshit Sarma was born in 1930. He authored twenty seven plays in Sanskrit. He also authored an epic named Yasodhara for which he received the Kalidasa award. He composed many folk songs in Sanskrit. He received many titles and awards.

The present lesson describes the friendship of Drona and Drupada, and their rivalry later.

AP Inter 2nd Year Sanskrit Study Material उपवाचकम् Chapter 2 वज्रं वज्रेण भिद्यते

वज्रं वज्रेण भिद्यते Summary

Drona and Drupada completed their studies and were ready to become householders. They wished that their friendship would continue in later life also even though one of them was Brahmin, and the other Kshatriya. When Drona remarked that Drupada would forget him as time passed, Drupada promised Drona that after he became king, Drona could have all the riches, comforts and enjoyments. Drona said that the duty of a Brahmin was to accumulate knowledge only, and not riches.

He praised the line of thought of Drupada and said that there were few people like him in the world. He further said that friendship between their families was there from the time of their parents. The two then talked about the similarities they had in habits and thoughts. They compared themselves with the king and minister; body and life, sun and the moon, and the day and the night. They thought that their glue like friendship was unbreakable.

In the next scene, Kripi, the wife of Drona started to lament about their situation. Life became difficult to lead. There was no enjoyment in life. The head of the family would come at the proper time, have his food, and leave. He would not mind about what was available or not available in the house. Women were servants, and their husbands would not show any affection or concern for them. When Drona asked whether she was angry, she replied that she was overcome by grief as their son was becoming weak day by day.

The food was not nutritious. Drona remarked that to one who was weak by birth even nutritious food would become indigestible. Kripi said that every boy there was drinking cow milk. She requested her husband to get a good cow. Drona said that there were no donors. He suggested that their son Aswatthama could drink milk along with his friends. But Kripi said that it would lead to quarrel among the boys. And it would turn into a quarrel among the elders.

At that time Aswatthama arrived there crying and complaining that his friends did not share the milk with him. His mother then offered him water mixed with flour saying that it was indeed cow’s milk. The innocent boy became happy and started to dance. Drona became dejected on seeing his son’s happiness. He said to his wife that his heart burnt, as he was poor and could not afford cow milk for his son. When he said that he was unable to think any course of action, his wife suggested that he could approach Drupada, his childhood friend. Drona at first was doubtful as it was a long time back, but later decided to go having remembered the words of Drupada who offered riches to him when he became king.

In the court of Drupada, the minister read the message from the tributary kings, who expressed their happiness at the rule of Drupada. At that time, the gatekeeper announced the arrival of Drona along with his family. Drupada offered them seat. When Drona said that he might have remembered him, Drupada answered in the negative. He further said that as days passed, there would be forgetfulness. Drona said that he was Drona, the son of Bharadwaja. He asked Drupada how could he forget what had happened at the Gurukula during their childhood. Drupada said that he forgot all his childhood.

Drona accused him of being blind with wealth. Drupada said that there would be no friendship with the poor. He offered food for them for one night. Drona got angry and said that things would change, carts would become ships, and ships would become carts one day. Their next meeting would take place in different conditions. He challenged him saying that a serpent which was angered would open its hood, and bite. Then he left along with his family.

After some years, Drona appreciated Arjuna on his becoming an expert in archery. He said that he was his best student. He asked him to accomplish some task for him. When Arjuna enquired about it, he said: “King Drupada and I were classmates. Drupada is a great archer. He promised me that when he became king I could enjoy all the comforts. But when I went to him to ask for a cow to feed my son, he ridiculed him saying how can there be friendship with the poor.

AP Inter 2nd Year Sanskrit Study Material उपवाचकम् Chapter 2 वज्रं वज्रेण भिद्यते

I said that time would take a turn, and asked him to wait for our next meeting. “Arjuna said that Drupada became blind with riches. Drona said that afterwards he became the teacher of archery for them. He asked him to pay his gurudakshina. Arjuna said that he was ready to pay it, and asked him what he wanted. Drona asked him to capture Drupada and throw him at his feet.

Arjuna brought Drupada dragging him and threw him at the feet of Drona, who laughed at him. He remarked about the power of time, and said that Drupada was defeated by his disciple. He said that he wanted to be the friend of Drupada. He offered him half the kingdom. Drupada said that he also wanted his friendship. Drona said that they were friends ever. He concluded saying that a flower could not cut a diamond. A diamond is cut by a diamond only.

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