AP Inter 2nd Year English Grammar Describing a Process

Andhra Pradesh BIEAP AP Inter 2nd Year English Study Material Intermediate 2nd Year English Grammar Describing a Process Questions and Answers.

AP Intermediate 2nd Year English Grammar Describing a Process

A process is a series of actions that are done in order to achieve a particular result. Description of a process demands a continuous narration. It requires a clear cut scientific approach. The process must be brief and clear. The description should be based on facts.

The term ‘process’ can be used for describing a natural process or a man-made process. Man-made processes are sometimes called procedures. In other words, processes include procedures.

ఒక ప్రత్యేక ఫలితాన్ని పొందడానికి చేయబడే ఒక వరుసలో వుంచబడిన పనులను ప్రోసెస్ అంటాము. దీనిని వర్ణించడం ఒక కొనసాగింపుతో కూడిన వివరణయై యున్నది. దానికి ఒక శాస్త్రీయ పద్ధతి అవసరము. ఈ పద్ధతి క్లుప్తంగాను వివరంగాను వుండాలి. అది వాస్తవాల మీద ఆధారపడి యుండాలి.

ప్రోసెస్ అనే పదము ఏదైనా ఒక వివరణ అనగా సహజమైన పద్ధతి లేక మానవ నిర్మితమైన పద్ధతియైయుండవచ్చును. మానవులు చేసే ప్రోసెస్ ను కొన్నిసార్లు విధానములు అంటాము. మరో విధంగా చెప్పాలంటే ప్రోసెస్ అనేది ప్రొసీజరు (పద్దతి)ని కలిగియుంటుంది.

Question 1.
Describe the process of making tea for two people.
It would be better if we learn certain things, needed for our smooth living. How to make tea for two people. The following are needed to prepare tea.
Tea Kettle
Cups and Saucers
Tea powder
First of all take some water in the kettle. Mix some tea powder in it and boil it for a few minutes. Pour some milk into it and boil it for another few minutes. Take the kettle out of the stove and filter the tea. Add some sugar into the tea. Serve the tea in two cups to the people waiting.

Question 2.
Describe the process of paying electricity bill online.
These days everything is being operated online. Online process is an easy one and now-a-days people are much inclined to get the things done through this new device. First we have to search for the site of electricity bills. We have to feed the number of our connection carefully. We get the information of the amount to be paid. We must have the bank account of online payment in our phone. Then, the amount shall be deducted and shall be
paid to the account of the department. As we finish the process, a message shall be sent to us about the transaction. All this takes only a few minutes and thus the process helps us to feel happy.

AP Inter 2nd Year English Grammar Describing a Process

Question 3.
Explain a sequence the way you celebrated a festival you fike most.
In India we have many festivals of which the Deepavali is an important one. This festival is observed not dnly by the Hindus but also so many others. Diwali is a hilarious occassion, people prepare for this festival sufficiently, prior to the day. That day we take bath and wear new clothes. Some people worship the goddess of Lakshmi with great piety. Our newly wedded sister came along with her husband and my parents presented news clothes to them in the evening, we burnt the crackers. Whole of our house was filled with bright light of the crackers. Afterwards at the end we had a bath and went to bed. Thus the festival is celebrated in an order.

Question 4.
Write a paragraph about an ideal daily routine.
Some people are very particular to maintain a dairy of themselves. Generally, the dairy should be ideal. If adds to our happiness at a later date, giving a glimpse of our experiences. The daily routine from the moment you get up from bed, to the time you go to bed at night should be written, in the dairy. We should not hide any of our experiences of the day. Whether it is happy or unhappy, whether it is good or not it is a part of our routine and so it should find a place in the narration. Very minute things of our life shall provide great happy occasions. Thus we have to maintain an ideal routine, in our life.

Question 5.
Describe the process of applying for a job.
These days, searching for jobs, is a common thing. To apply for a job, one has to read the publication of the vacancies, carefully. There, the importance of the job, the qualifications for the job, the place of job and all the particulars are given clearly. It is the duty of an aspirant for a job to read the publication throughly and ascertain his eligibility. Then the application form should be got, duly paying the cost of it. After completing all blanks,
you have to affix your signature on it at the right place. Enclose all the copies of your certificates to the application. Then the application should be sent to the address by post as required by the employer. Sometimes the application to be sent by ordinary post. We must be careful about the address on the envelope and the postage that has to be affixed on the envelope. Thus the applying for a job is complete and you can look forward for the interview.

AP Inter 2nd Year English Grammar Describing a Process

Question 6.
Write the process of withdrawing money from an ATM.
ATM is meant for Automatic Teller Machine. It is a device invented to help the bank, to ease the work. When we enter the ATM room, we have to insert the debit card into the machine. It starts responding. First of all it asks for the language you want to use. Then your secret number is to be presented. Afterwards the type. of account is asked for. The amount of money has to be given. We should be careful to ask the amount based on the denominations of the notes, shown on the screen. As the amount is given, you have to take your debit card from the slot. Finally a message is sent to your phone number, about the transaction. A receipt giving the details of withdrawl shall be issued from the ATM. Withdrawal of money has become easy.

Question 7.
How you get ready for college regularly.
These days study to a college, needs so much care and preparation. Everyday I have to attend my college at 8 A.M. So, I get up at 6 A.M and finish off the daiy chores in time. I should not be lazy in getting up from bed. I will have an eye upon anytifne table, to sort out the books necessary. I have to verify whether all the Home work given has been finished or not. As, I go to college by bus, I must start from my house early. I will take the breakfast, sufficiently early. My mother keeps the box of meals ready. I will take water in a bottle. The bag of books is kept ready and so, I go to the main road taking the bag, the bottle and others. I wait there until the college bus arrives the point of halt. Then I reach the college and go on with the classwork. It is a routine work.

Question 8.
Process of casting your vote in elections.
In a democracy, elections take an important role in its success. In India, we have elections for the people’s representatives, once in five years. We should know how to cast our – vote in elections. To cast the vote, we must have our name enrolled in the voter’s list. An identify card is issued to each and every citizen. We get the authority to cast our vote, when we attains the age of 18 years. At the election booth, the officials are ready to issue the vote to us. First of all, they will put a mark with indelible ink on the finger. They will issue the ball of paper. A voting room is arranged near by. We enter the room, press the mark with the stick available these, fold it and put it in the Ballot box. The ballot box is kept before an officer. The ballot of paper should be dropped into the box without fail. One should keep up the secrecy of voting at the voting booth.

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